A Change Of Style

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Growing up, I only wore clothes my mom prepared for me. I remember I always wearing a dress and sometimes a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and then back to wearing a dress. That is the only thing I remember in my childhood fashion and I can’t forget how my mom styled my hair in a pigtail. Not until I went to high school wherein my mom let me choose the clothes I want to wear or not to wear. A change of style had begun for me and I want to share my journey with you.

Early Fashion Years and Fears

During my high school year, jelly shoes and high cut shoes were on-trend. I remember my mom bought me pink ballet jelly shoes and purple high-cut shoes and I loved wearing them. I always pair them with skinny jeans and a t-shirt. There was also a time wherein I felt so conscious with my own body, especially my arms.  That is why I always wore a cardigan or a coat to cover them up. I was in a stage of puberty at that time and I was so shy to go out of my comfort zone.

Coming Out Of My “Comfort Zone”

One day, my brother pushed me to join a pageant.  This motivated me to lose weight and like my self-image a lot more. When I was in high school, my taste in fashion is very simple, plain, very teenage style, and conservative.  Then my fashion taste changed.  I was introduced to a different brand of clothing line and my sisters motivated me to be more creative.  When it came to fashion they knew that I loved dressing up, it’s just that I had been too shy to show it. Now I started to come out and let my love in fashion take over my body.

My College Years And Love Affair With “White”

When I went to college, I felt more confident with what I wore although the white color had been my trusted friend. I love white and I have a lot of white clothes in different styles and sizes. I didn’t mind if my friends laughed at me or called me “Angel in the Land” for always wearing white. I had a white jumpsuit, dress, crop top, t-shirt, wide-leg pants, shorts, jeans, and a lot more in white. I don’t know why but, it’s just that I felt relaxed and at peace whenever I wore white.

Breaking Out in Color

As I explored the beauty of fashion and style; what I realized is that my life is as plain and simple as what I always wore.  And so, I started collecting clothes in different colors. I remember Black, Gray, and Navy blue are the colors that I added to my closet. I was not satisfied with it though as I knew my color choices were still very basic.  That is why I started buying outfits like crop tops, off-shoulder, rompers, dresses, fitted tops in many different colors. I was happy and more satisfied with my new fashion taste and style. I realized that I was more stylish than I thought I could be before.

Pushing My Fashion Boundaries

With all the colors and my new choices of clothing, I got a chance to enhance my love for fashion. In simple skinny jeans, I would pair that with anything that would make me look fashionable. Even when I wore white from head to toe I could still carry myself in the world of fashion. Do you know why? That’s part of who I am. I love clothes, love fashion, and love my style. 

Change is Inevitable

As you can see, as time passed by my styles changed. Being a kid who depends on what my mother wanted me to wear, to being a woman who chooses her clothing style. My fashion taste changed. Even the colors of the clothes that I wanted to wear, changed. The point here, ladies and gentlemen are that our style and taste change always. Imagine how the world rotates and technology evolves, as well as the fashion industry.


Fashion Evolution

Every day we wake up to the same routine, but what makes it different is that every day there is something new to ourselves and things happen around us. The same with fashion, every day a new dress is made. Every day a new clothe quality is being introduced. Every day, in different countries and cities fashion industry and fashion experts, are planning for the next runway fashion show. Designers never stop creating a beautiful piece of fashion for next season’s collection. International and local brands store are displaying new fashion and style. Every day there is something that changes. As we are embracing the 21st-century fashion and style we are adapting it to ourselves as well that is why our style changes day by day. 

In Conclusion

A change of style is what we need sometimes. There is no wrong with that. We just love fashion and sometimes we want our style to be on-trend as well. Remember to explore the world of fashion and never stop dressing up the way you like. It doesn’t matter what others say. What matters is what you think of yourself. 

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