English can be a difficult language for some and when you pair it with fashion vocabulary it takes it to a whole new level. Let me give you some examples of words that have a whole new meaning in fashion.

1. Cold Shoulder

Regular: A show of unintentional unfriendliness.


Fashion: A sleeve style in tops and dresses that are cut out from shoulders.

2.  Mule

Regular: The offspring of a donkey and a horse.

Fashion:A type of shoe that has no back and(usually) closed toe.

3.  Resort

Regular: A place that is frequented for holiday or recreation, or the last option left after all the alternatives have been tried

Fashion: Collection designed between spring and fall especially targeting the holiday season.

4. Statement

Regular: A clear  expression of something in speech or writing

Fashion: A fashion item like jewellery, belt or shoe that is the first thing people notice in your outfit ‘cos it is just too hard to ignore.


5. Staple

Regular: A piece of thin wire driven by a stapler used to fasten sheets of paper together.

Fashion: Something you need to have or must-have in your wardrobe.

6. Shoot

 Regular: Kill or wound with a bullet or an arrow.

Fashion: To photograph for an editorial fashion story

7. Contemporary

Regular: Something that belongs to or occurs in the present

Fashion: Mid-priced fashion items, current in trend charts, affordable than actual designerwear.

8. Investment

Regular: The action or process of investing money for profit

Fashion: A classic fashion item that will last longer and make the money spent on it get its worth.

9. Relax


Regular:  Freeform tension and anxiety

Fashion: A type of fit that’s loose, not body-hugging





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