9 Most Influential and Famous Turkish Models

famous and hot turkish models Cagla Sikel
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Famous Turkish Models: In Turkey, modeling is an industry that thrives with many famous personalities making waves both domestically and globally. These individuals are not mere trendsetters or fashion enthusiasts; they’ve gone on to create role model statuses inspiring young people to pursue their aspirations intently. Read about Asian Models here

1. Tulin Sahin

Amongst such celebrities, Tülin Şahin reigns supreme as a crowd-favorite figurehead gracing high-end magazines’ front covers while making important strides within major fashion brands. Television commercials and film and TV series appearances.

hot turkish models Tulin Sahin

2. Cagla Sikel: Famous Turkish Models

She began as a model in the early 1990s, eventually becoming a renowned businesswoman and TV personality. Her modeling portfolio boasts major brand names like Victoria’s Secret, while her fame saw her participating in “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice” Turkish adaptations.

famous and hot turkish models Cagla Sikel

3. Deniz Akkaya:

Major fashion brands are familiar to the likes of successful model Diniz Akkaya who has worked alongside Christian Dior, Gucci, and Calvin Klein. Furthermore, she has also showcased her talents beyond the runway with film and TV appearances. She is renowned for her impressive good looks and captivating persona.

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4. Didem  Soydan:

She is one of the youngest and rising stars in the modeling industry. At her young age, you can be surprised by the number of major brands in Turkey and beyond that she has worked with, including featuring in fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle.

5. Selda Car: Famous Turkish Models

She is one of the sexiest models ever, yet very famous. She has worked for major brands and has acted in a number of films. Many know her for her striking beauty and charming personality.

famous Turkish models

6. Sebnem Schaefer:

She is a very popular model and television host. She has managed to work for major fashion and renowned brands such as Armani as well as top Tv commercials.

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7. Melisa Senolsun:

She is one of the youngest talents in the industry and she has already made a name for herself, as she has worked with renowned brands such as Tommy Hilfiger.

8. Aslihan Karalar:  Famous Turkish Models

She is a renowned sexy model as well as an actress who has been featured in many Tv series and films. Many know her for working with top brands such as Calvin Klein and L ‘Oreal.

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9. Buse Iskenderoglu:

She is one of the most successful Turkish models ever. Buse is very young and talented, a thing that has made her work for top brands such as Nike and Calvin Klein. Additionally, she has been featured in multiple fashion magazines.


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