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Being tall has its own perks. You look sexy and put together, but it also comes with many struggles especially fashion struggles. Let’s look at some of these fashion struggles that all our tall besties can relate to.

1. Good shoes in your size? LOL!

Of course, you find shoes in your size, but just not the ones you like!

2. Finding a maxi dress that fits like a maxi dress is quite tough🤦‍♀️

Maxi dresses are just basically ankle swingers for you. Anything that should be gracefully sweeping the floor ends up at an awkward length right above your ankle.

3. Short dresses and skirts are a little too short

Making you (and people around you ) wonder are you just wearing a shirt


4. You are stuck with flats for life

As much as you love wearing heels, you just don’t always want to tower around your friends and loved ones.

5. You can’t share clothes with others

fashion struggles tall girls

Sharing clothes with your friends is so much fun. But in your case it probably makes you feel like a giant and your friends as if floating in your clothes.

6. High-waist gives you a wedgie

fashion struggles tall

High-waisted shorts and playsuits aren’t really your bestfriends. Unless you want to spend most of your time trying to adjust your underwear.

7. Slashed-knee jeans never look the way you want them to


Yeo because the rips are somehow on your thighs and it looks more like an accident than a trend.

8. “But you don’t even need to wear heels! “-You get this a lot

fashion struggles  654

Height has nothing to do with wearing heels ladies! Just because you are tall doesn’t mean you can’t wear heels. You can and must wear whatever you want to!

9. You are yet to get a selfie clicked that shows your whole outfit

fashion struggles

Just like the ideal man, a selfie that reveals your whole outfit doesn’t exist.





Picture credit- Deepika Padukone


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