9 Different Types of Jeans for Women and Their Names

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Jeans have been around since the gold rush of the 1840s. The fact is men and women alike adore them. So here we will discuss different types of jeans for women and their names.

1.  FLARED : 

Flared are a style of trousers that become wider from the knees downward, forming a bell-like shape of the trouser leg. It is very comfortable to wear. 



These jeans are fitted on the hips, slim on the leg and with a cropped ‘kick flare’ just below or on the calf, which for people with a penchant for fabulous shoes, provides the perfect opportunity to show of your favourite footwear.


 Bootcut jeans flare out slightly at the ankle. This type of jean pairs well with ankle boots.This style is very on trend and can be worn by petite or tall people. Boot cut jeans would normally have the leg bottom opening a bit wider than usual, but not more than that of its width from the knee down.

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While skinny jeans may someday go out of style, for right now, they’re the go-to denim option for most women.They also add shape to your body, while some wider fits risk drowning you in fabric. Skinny jeans also the perfect style to wear with slimmer-fitting shirts and t-shirts as it keeps the overall outfit in balance .The most comfortable jeans for women .




cropped jeans are the ideal wardrobe staple. You can pair them with a simple white T-shirt for a casual weekend outing, or they can just as easily be elevated for the office with a blazer and a low heel. Dressed up or down, cropped denim remains a timeless classic for all seasons.Naturally, cropped pants are going to make you look taller, which is why they are great to wear for shorter-than-average individuals.


cropped jeans for women


 A jean style that’s typically fitted at the hips and in the seat with a more generous, relaxed cut through the legs. They’ll balance out the ratio from your shoulders to your knees and fall perfectly on your curvy hips. Boyfriend jeans also happen to be super comfortable. Designed to have a more relaxed fit that feels roomier throughout the hips and thighs, wearing them is the next best thing to staying in your favorite pair of leggings or sweats.

boyfriend jeans for women


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If you are looking for a pair of jeans that fit snugly but are not super tight like skinny jeans, straight-fit jeans are perfect for you. They are not skinny or tight but have a slightly straight fit right from above. You can wear them with simple T-shirts or stylish tops depending on the occasion.

 jeans for women straight fit

8. MOM :

Mom jeans is a pejorative slang term for high-waisted women’s jeans. Mom jeans have excess space in the zipper, crotch, and leg areas. The jeans are usually in a solid, light-blue color, with no form of stone washing or fading. Other attributes of the style often seen are pleats, tapered legs, ankle-length legs, and elastic waistbands. They have a relaxed fit and a high waist. They are a bit loose around the thighs.

 jeans for women Mom


Girlfriend jeans have a more feminine, flattering fit that sits tighter and higher on the hip with a slightly tapered, slim, straight leg that ends just above your ankle. It doesn’t lose its slouch or comfort to allow you to look great and feel sexy at the same time.The fashion world made a little play on the popular boyfriend jeans label because GF jeans have a slightly more feminine shape that more easily accommodates anyone with a rounder body type.”Girlfriend jeans offer a flattering, more classic fit, sitting higher on the hip, with a tapered slim leg”.


 jeans for women girlfriend

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By Riya Verma 

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