9 best Ways on how to look mature

mature look
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Has it ever happened to you that you weren’t respected properly because you looked too young?
Most people always want to look as young as possible, but there are certain situations when a mature image is more useful.
Unfortunately in a society where first impressions are largely based on the image we show, when we want to be respected or achieve professional success more easily, a more mature image will help us more.

So if you’re still very young or you’re the lucky owner of a babyface, you can use clothes and accessories to get your outfit more serious and mature.
Here my post about the first impresion

Easy tips

mature look
So if you’re still very young or you’re the lucky owner of a babyface, you can use clothes and accessories to get your outfit more serious.
Use clothes with masculine energy.
Help yourself with your haircut, hair colour and make up.
Use neutral colors, and don’t underestimate monochrome outfits.
Replace coloured accessories with jewellery.
Wear pointy-toed shoes.
Use accessories, but simple and classic and not in large numbers. For example: leather gloves, watch, stylish sunglasses, hat or scarf.
Choose tougher, classic textiles such as denim and leather.
Don’t wear clothes that are too tight, but not too loose. Keep your figure in balance.
Also a tutorial here


Other tips on how to look mature

The most important thing is that you feel good about yourself and resonate with the clothes you wear. Therefore, make the change gradually so you have time to get used to it, and if you don’t feel comfortable with it don’t wear it. You can add just one or two elements and you’ll already notice an essential change.
And don’t forget clothes are meant to help you manipulate your image a little, but not to turn you into something you’re not.
And the most important thing is how we think and act. Personal attitude completely changes any outfit. Act mature, but stay young!


Secret tip

Use the same tips as when you want to look younger.
The idea is to create an evergreen image, depending on what works for us and once we learn to know ourselves both inside and out, and keep it independent of the passage of time.


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