8 Tips for Beautiful Hands and Feet During Summer

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The secrets of a healthy body are beautiful hands and healthy feet. Everyone loves to have soft and beautiful hands, as they play an essential role in our day-to-day lives. Since the hands and feet are important, one needs to give them proper and quick care. In the scorching heat of summer, with a sweating and painful sun outside, the skin gets dry and damaged due to the sun’s harmful rays. Summer shoes and outfits are exposed to sunlight, which affects the skin with dullness and pollution. We are more particular about the skin on our faces than on our hands and feet.

To cope with the bad situations on the skin, we have jotted down some very effective tips to pamper your skin during the summer for healthy feet and hands.

1. Tomato Juice, the antioxidant


Tips for Beautiful Hands and skin

We all know the benefits of tomato juice and how it is a powerful antioxidant for healthy skin. You can use tomato juice on your hands and feet for glowing and healthy skin. Mix one teaspoon of milk, lemon juice, and tomato juice in a mixer, and then apply the paste on your hands and feet. Massage gently on hands and feet for a few minutes and then rinse off with cold water. The powerhouse of natural bleaching lemon juice helps heal the sunburn during summer while the milk is best for silky smooth skin. It fills the dry pores and gives your soft and fresh skin on your hands and feet.

2. Gloves, the protector

Wearing gloves during summer is hard but it is the best tip for beautiful hands and feet during summer. Your hand’s sweat and you feel uneasiness while working. To protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sunlight, the gloves are the best protectors for your hands and feet. Wearing gloves will keep the skin moist and control wrinkles and calluses during the summer.

3. Olive Oil Massage

The benefits of olive oil are not unknown to all beauty and fitness lovers. It has rich saturated fat and polyunsaturated content that helps your skin for moisture and soft skin. Massage gently on your hands and feet daily with olive oil before going to shower for almost after half an hour. After shower apple moisturizer (alcohol-free) on your hands and feet to protect them from dryness.

4. Sunscreen for Skin


Tips for Beautiful Hands and skin

If you are daily exposed to the sunlight and have severe skin burns due to heat, then make sure to apply sunscreen SPF 30+ before going out. A lightweight moisturizer also does wonders on the skin.

5. Mint and Coconut Milk Extracts

During the evening a good moisturizer with coconut milk or mint extracts could help your skin to maintain the glow and protect your hands and feet from severe weather conditions. The application of mint extracts in a moisturizer helps your hands and feet to soothe the skin rashes and remove the tanning. After skin burn from the sunlight, it gives your skin healing power with cool extracts and makes your skin healthy and refreshed the whole day.


6. Wash your feet

If you soak your foot in lukewarm water after exposure to the skin, it not only removes the tiredness but also maintains the moisturizer on the foot which could be damaged in sunlight while wearing open shoes. Wash your feet daily and protect them with foot cream for summer treatments.

7. Foot Powder for Fragrant Feet

If your skin sweats daily and you have smelly feet, you could use good foot powder after a careful wash of your feet with good soap. The foot powder not only controls excessive sweat but also helps your feet fragrant during hot weather. A good light-scented powder helps your feet refresh the entire day.

8. Pedicure And Manicure


Tips for Beautiful Hands

During summer, your feet and hands get dry with the rusty and polluted weather. With other useful tips to keep hands and feet healthy and beautiful, you can also do good pedicures and manicures which cure your skin and protect their moisturizer during summer. There are many beautiful pedicure and manicure kits in the market which help your hands and feet healthy. If you are too lazy to do pedicures and manicures, then their many parlors that give professional treatment to maintain the nourishment and softness of your hands and feet during summer.

With these amazing tips during summer, you will maintain the beauty of your hands and feet.

By Misbah

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