8 Steps to get Perfect Smokey Eyes Makeup

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Smokey eyes are a classic makeup style that adds drama and depth to the eyes. While mastering the smokey eye might be difficult, there are some beauty tips that can help you create the look with ease. We’ll look at some of the finest beauty techniques for smokey eyes in this post.

Begin with a neutral base.

It is important to apply a neutral base before applying eyeshadow. This will help to ensure that the colors blend smoothly and that there are no hard lines. As a base, apply a matte beige or taupe eyeshadow all over your eyelid, up to the brow bone.

Use a Pencil Liner


Perfect Smokey Eyes Makeup

A pencil liner is ideal for creating a smokey eye. Line your upper and lower lash lines with a soft black or dark brown pencil liner, then smudge it with a little brush or a cotton swab. This will help you create a smeared, diffused effect on your smokey eyes.

Build Up the Color Gradually

It is vital to gradually build up the color while applying makeup for a smokey eye. Start with a light shade and gradually move on to a deeper tone. Blend the colors together with a fluffy brush to create a smooth flow between the colors.

Add Shimmer

Use shimmery makeup on the top of your eyelid to add some sparkle to your smokey eyes. This will add highlight and the giving of depth to your eye makeup. Apply the shimmer with a flat brush and blend it out with a fluffy brush.

Use Tape for a Clean Edge

Use a piece of tape to create a sharp, clear edge for your smokey eyes. Use the tape to outline your eyeshadow by applying it diagonally from the exterior outer corner to the end of your brow. Use your eyeshadow as normal, and then slowly clear away the tape to create a beautiful, flawless edge on your eyes.

Curl Your Lashes


Perfect Smokey Eyes Makeup 2

It’s now time to curl your eyelashes. Curling your lashes, it will brighten and give depth to your beautiful smokey eye. Curl your lashes using an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Hold the curler at the bottom of your lashes for a few seconds before lifting it up. This will give a nice curl to your eyelash and highlight the hidden feature of your beautiful eyes.


Use a Gel Liner for Extra Definition

Use a gel liner to give more definition to your smokey eyes. Apply the gel liner along your lash line with a little brush, and then smudge it out with a small brush or a cotton swab. This will help create a more distinct, great effect on your ideal smokey eye makeup.

Highlight the Inner Corner

Use a sparkly eyeshadow or highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up your smokey eyes. This will help your eyes look brighter and more alert. Apply the highlighter with a tiny brush and smooth it out with a fluffy brush.

Perfect Smokey Eyes Makeup 3

To recapitulate, achieving a smokey eye can be difficult, but with these beauty tricks, you can do it with ease. Remember to start with a neutral base, gradually build up the color, apply a pencil liner, and add glitter for added dimension. Apply tape to create a neat edge, curl your lashes, and add definition with a gel liner. Lastly, to enhance your appearance, highlight the inner corner of your eye. With these tips and methods, you can create a magnificent smokey eye that is suitable for any occasion.

By Misbah

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