Street fashion always remains in trend though it is several decades old enough. It is commonly believed and agreed upon that Street Fashion got its fame after the introduction of Hip-Hop culture in New York City the USA back in the 1990s. Before becoming global famous, this particular style of casual and limited edition dressing and wearing merged the different specific styles from New York, California, Chicago Japan, etc. Street fashion adapted various dashing styles including sports caps, jackets, shoes, heavy metals, T-shirts, and jeans.

Different world-class fashion brands such as Nike, Adidas, Fila, Schott NYC, and Reebok entered the sparkling world of street fashion as well. This further popularized this new trend of style, especially among teenagers. Today after more than 8 decades, street fashion has become the hot favorite brand across the globe. Let’s now have a look at its historical development.

The 1950s Street Fashion

After the end of World War II, we saw some drastic changes in the glittering world of fashion and the fashion industry. This was the time when street fashion also started taking its birth in the 1950s. Initially, some particular cultural groups of teenagers, such as bikers, beats, and teddy boys started this new trend of fashion style. Therefrom street fashion got its momentum which is still magical in the world of fashion brands. The 1950s Street Fashion

The 1960s Street Fashion

In the second decade of street fashion, there emerged some new styles of fashion such as Mods, Hippies, and Skinheads. These styles were originated from some youth groups during certain movements inside UK & USA. Soon they got famous and spread in different parts of the world. Jeans, T-shirts, skirts, coats, jogger shoes, and hair-cut styles got great attention in this era of street fashion. The 1960s Street Fashion

The 1970s Street Fashion

Head-bangers, Punks, and B-boys laid the foundation of a third important decade of street fashion in the 1970s in Europe and Latin America. In concerts, street dancing, club parties, and New Year’s Eve celebrations so many new trends were introduced. Tattoos, colored hairstyles, tight jeans, printed T-shirts, and branded watches were the identities of 1970s street fashion. The 1970s Street Fashion


The 1980s Street Fashion

The fourth decade of street fashion was initiated by Goths, New Age Travelers, and Ravers in the 1980s. Unique dressing styles and unusual body decorations became a source an expression to create a sense of identity among teenage individuals. Goggles, wristwatches, bracelets, handbags, shorts, skirts, and flat shoes became the norms in this era of street fashion. The 1980s street Fashion

The 1990s fashion in the street

This was the time when street fashion started becoming a global identity. Street Fashion in this decade came out from the streets of London, Paris, New York, California, and Chicago. Street Fashion now started reaching different big cities in the world. Similarly, fashion style got great exposure in the film industry, magazines, and leading newspapers. The 1990s fashion in the street

2000s Street Style

The end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century brought new hopes and horizons to the world of the fashion industry. Street fashion became the identity of television, cinema, social media, and magazines. As a result, new brands emerged which brought a revolution in the fashion industry. This ever-increasing demand created hype in all walks of the fashion industry. Skinny jeans, loose-fitting tops, loose or fitted tracksuits, track pants, hoodies, and graphic t-shirts were the particular styles of this golden era.


The 2010s Street Trend

The emergence of digitalization has given a new platform to street fashion since the 2010s era. Bum bags, slip dresses, chokers, tiny sunglasses, horn-rimmed glasses, aviator sunglasses, high vested pants, skinny jeans, etc. were now part of it. We saw an overnight emergence of new trends and styles during this particular decade of street fashion.

Street Fashion in the 2020s

Street fashion is looking for an exit and departure from the 2010s street fashion era. At the moment, the current trends and styles in street fashion reflect that it is going back to previous eras (the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and particularly 2000s) of street fashion. However COVID-19 pandemic situation has brought some innovative ideas, particularly in the street fashion of the current decade. Face masks, sneakers, loungewear, and zoom tops as well as other casual wearing still offer something unique but special.


Street fashion is still considered one of the hot favorite fashion trends in the world of the fashion industry. Modern-day online selling has created high hopes for all fashion brands including certain variations for street fashion manufacturers.

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