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Colors have a great impact on your mood! Bright and light colors make you feel fresh whereas dark colors make you feel mysterious! So it’s important to compliment your mood while choosing your outfit of the day! Here is a list of 8 colors that are proven to make you happy for the days you might not be feeling yourself.

8 Colors that are proven to make you feel Happy!

Think Pink!

Think-Pink- Colors

Pink is known as the color of self-love! It can instantly lift your mood with its sweet, playful, and charming aura. If you want to feel confident, chattier, and friendlier, pick the brightest pink you can find in your wardrobe and surrender yourself to love.

Blue to Drive away the Blues


Blue helps your intuition and is linked with a sense of tranquillity. Associated with water, ocean, and the sky, wearing blue makes you feel calm and composed, and at ease. So before the blues get to you, you get to the blues!

Green for Good vibes


Linked to health and wellness, green helps you neutralize your mood so you don’t feel extreme emotions of any kind and give you a sense of safety. The color is associated with nature so, naturally, it will help you feel fresh and empowered and experience a sense of growth.

Yellow, our ray of hope


Yellow, reminiscent of sunshine, is known as the color of joy, hope, and optimism. It exudes the vibration of being happy and stimulates mental clarity. Wear yellow for an instant, ‘I can do anything attitude’.

Oomph of Orange

Orange helps you adapt to changes and is symbolic of strength and endurance. So, believe us when we say it will be more than happy to keep you through these ever-changing times. It will encourage cheerfulness and enliven your emotions like nobody’s business.

The energy of Red

Red is a color full of passion and energy. So if you have woken up feeling extremely low then take a shower and put on the brightest red you have in your wardrobe. Trust us, you will feel focused, fiery, and oh-so-fabulous all day

The power of purple

Just like lavender, the flowering plant, the purple family is known to make you feel inner peace, calm and relaxed. This color provides a sense of retreat and reflection so wearing lilac or other lighter is going to take your spirituality on a new, feel-good high.

White is always right

White symbolizes clarity, purity and gives a clean feeling outside out. Therefore, it is the color to be surrounded by times of stress. It also represents innocence and goodness, something we could all use the abundance of!

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Blog by: Priya Grover

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