8 Color Combinations: How to Look Expensive and Posh Persona?

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Have you ever looked at a person and thought “How can she look so expensive!”  Indeed, it is not because of price tags on their outfits or accessories but due to their style and color combinations of owning that dress!

Thus, if you want to exude an air of elegance and sophistication, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is color. Therefore, in this blog, we`ll explore 8 color combinations to help you achieve an expensive and posh persona.

  • Jade + Ivory: Exotic Elegance:

No doubt, Jade with its exotic and luxurious aura, pairs gracefully with Ivory to create a look that exudes elegance. Moreover, Jade color dresses with ivory accessories or ivory blouses with jade accents and vice versa can help you achieve a unique and high-end appearance.

Color Combinations 1


  • Electric Blue + Black; Bold and Timeless:

Firstly, Electric blue is a color that commands attention and creates a bold, contemporary look. Moreover, when paired with classic black or any black accessory it creates a powerful fashion statement.

Color Combinations 2


  • Grey + Lilac; Subtle and Refined:

Firstly, grey is a versatile and natural color known for its sophistication, when paired with Lilac, it creates a subtle and refined combination. Secondly, Grey provides a clean backdrop for Lilac`s soft and claiming qualities.

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Color Combinations 3


  • Red + White; Classic and Bold:

Generally, a symbol of passion and energy, paired with white, it creates a classic and eye-catching combination.  Furthermore, it is perfect for those seeking a fashionable yet timeless and expensive appearance.

Color Combinations 4


  • Sky Blue+ Beige; Tranquil and Opulent:

Indeed, it is a color that exudes tranquility and relaxation when paired with beige, it creates a timeless and effortlessly elegant combination. Additionally, sky blue conveys a sense of serenity, while beige adds warmth and sophistication.

Color Combinations 5


  • Pink + Lavender; Sweet and Serene:

Undoubtedly, pink is often associated with romance and playfulness, while lavender adds not only soothing but also calming elements. However, a pink dress with lavender accents or a lavender blouse with pink accessories can help you achieve a look that`s both elegant and delicate.

Color Combinations 6


  • Camel + White + Beige; Earthy Elegance:

Firstly, combining all these colors results in a harmonious palette that radiates earthy elegance. Secondly, camel provides warmth and sophistication, white offers purity and contrast, and beige adds a sense of subtlety.

Color Combinations 7


  • Black + Brown; Versatile and Timeless:

No doubt, black and brown, when paired together create a versatile and timeless combination. Additionally, Black is known for its sophistication and versatility, while brown adds warmth and richness to the mix.

Color Combinations 8


Author: Dr. Rabia Syeda

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