8 Basic Kinds of Foundations

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Foundations are an important factor in makeup. It is the most basic factor that everyone essentially applies to face for the quality and equality of the whole face. It provides a perfect texture and covering to the face. Before makeup, it is very essential for the equality of the face and makes it able to apply and set the other makeup products. Either Whatever type of makeup we will apply the basic thing we apply is the only foundation and it has different kinds. It provides consistency to the makeup and makes the makeup long-lasting while staying on the face. Foundations should be made perfectly set on the face and should be of good quality. People try a lot to find the foundation for their faces that matches their faces and suits their skin tone.


Here, I’m discussing with you different types of foundations in different forms and shapes, these are;

  1.  Liquid Foundation
  2. Powder Foundation
  3. Cream Foundation
  4. Stick Foundation
  5. Mineral Powder Foundation
  6. Tinted Moisturizer Foundation
  7. BB Cream Foundation
  8. CC Cream Foundation
  • Liquid Foundation

Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

It provides the best coverage to the skin and covers the large patches of the skin making a good layer of equal tone to the full face. It makes the skin looks more visible to real texture. It gives a gorgeous look to the skin. It is the thin formula of water also different kinds of silicones are used to make them different. It comes in a spray-bottle shape.


  • Powder Foundations

Skin Self-Refreshing Custom Finish Powder Foundation

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It is a very convenient and easy-to-apply form of foundation. It comes in the form of a compact-powder shape. It is the drier powder-form foundation. It gives you less shine than liquid foundation and the texture of the skin comes normal. When you apply it lightly with a brush it gives a natural look.


  • Cream Foundation

Vision Cream Cover

It usually makes the skin scars and acne signs light and makes them invisible. It mimics the skin very perfectly. It usually comes in a bottle with a pump. It gives more coverage than powder foundation and it also gives higher texture. It is a very popular foundation.



  • Stick Foundations

Skin Foundation Stick

If a perfect covering is your first goal then a stick foundation will be your priority. Its consistency is very thick. It mainly covers dark circles and imperfect skin patches. It gives you a perfect concealing texture to the skin for dark areas. It provides a healthy look that lasts for a whole day. It provides coverage to specific areas of the face which need it. it provides you with flawless skin.

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Stick Foundations


  • Mineral powder Foundation

Mineral Matte Finishing Powder

There are many options for mineral base powder. But it will become messy if you don’t apply it carefully. It is not for a whole day look it is only for your fresh morning look. It has high-quality minerals and it is very suitable for oily and sensitive skin. It is quickly adjustable and also easy to apply. It needs touch-ups during the whole day routine and the perfect setting.

Mineral Foundations


  • Tinted Moisturizer Foundation

Perfect Skin Tint

It gives not as perfect covering to the most imperfect areas of the skin. But you may have realistic with your expectations. It provides you coverage but not as perfect. It provides hydration to your skin. But it provides you with the perfect texture on one believes that you have to wear makeup.

Tinted Foundations


  • BB Cream Foundations

Clean Matte BB Cream

It is perfect for a big range of skin types. It is also easy to apply before makeup. It gives you the perfect makeup look and glows just in one layer. But it does not apply to oily skin. It gives a very flat and glowing texture to the skin and a light touch to the skin color.

BB Cream Foundations


  • CC Cream Foundations

CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

It is the same as the BB cream but is mainly used for color correcting, it provides coverage to the skin, with correctness. It has commonly anti-aging and hydration ingredients. It makes the skin bright and fresh looks. It makes skin perfect for a long time and hydrated as well.

Cream Foundations


By Marie Joseph

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