8 Basic Eyebrows Shape Indicating Personality:

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Basic eyebrows shape is part of the face, so while doing makeup they are also kept into consideration. Good eyebrows shape enhance your makeup look. If you didn’t shape them properly you will not look good no matter how much modern eye makeup have you used. Similarly, if you shaped them properly then you will look good even if you didn’t do your eye makeup. Both boys and girls can do their eyebrows shape according to their choice.

There are 9 basic types of eyebrows that can vary further. You can shape each of them when they grow again. Each of them is beautiful. There are two ways to shape them; one way is to shape them permanently and the other is temporary. Permanent eyebrows shape can be obtained by surgery or laser while temporary ones can be obtained by waxing. But the second method can be a little bit permanent.

Each eyebrows shape is discussed here;

1. Tail Arch Eyebrows Shape:

This is a classic eyebrows shape. It is also called a slight arch shape and this is a very common shape moldable to any other shape and is a very common type of eyebrow. It is a slight arch towards the tail. This shape is magical and some wonder brings some sharp angular details. It is most suitable for an angular face but can be adapted for every kind of face shape. This can also be very suitable for a ridiculously sharp jawline face like Margot Robbie’s face as well.

Tail Arch Eyebrows


2. Straight Eyebrows Shape:

They are straight in shape and frame the face like drawing the eyes inward towards the center of the face. It makes a person looks like he/she is very logical and an attention gainer. It suits a very careful thinker person who is very logical and careful in his/her matters.

Straight Eyebrows



3. Tapered Eyebrows Shape:

When you got the inner part of your eyebrows thicker than the tail. White the front of eyebrows may be boxier and there will be natural gradual when you reach the end. They look lifted and lengthened. It is called the perfect shape of the eyebrows as it gives the illusion of longer and fluffier brows.

Tapered Eyebrows


4. Rounded Eyebrows Shape:

These eyebrows follow the natural curve of the eye and do not arch upward. Round-shaped eyebrows showed the person’s very kind and innocent heart as well. They look very charming on the lengthy face as it makes them kind and classy looking.

Rounded Eyebrows


5. Short Eyebrows:

The short eyebrows extend as far as the outer and inner corners of the eyes. The people having these eyebrows avoid dealing with drama. They are straightforward and have a few close friends. They have a very pure tongue and heart. Soft arch eyebrows are more round in shape along with lighters curves under the peak of brows. They are in an ultra-feminine shape and usually show a kind personality as well as open and confidence. These people are usually very friendly and easy to get along.

Short Eyebrows


6. Peaked Arch brows:

This eyebrow shape forms a peak near the end points of the eyebrows. These are also called highly arched eyebrows. The person having this eyebrow is not much logical he/she only thinks by their emotions. In short, they are quick emotional persons. It makes them look innocent.

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Peaked Arch brows


7. Thin brows:

These are made by doing naturally thick eyebrows thin from tweezing and waxing also can be natural. These eyebrows usually increase self-confidence but people having this shape of eyebrows naturally have low confidence.


Thin brows


8. Queen’s brows:

This shape is noticed by the reading of Chinese faces. They are high up to the person’s face. They show a personality of the person having excellent taste in fashion and having a rare beauty also they tend to be a perfectionist. These people are usually hard on themselves think a lot before making decisions and are self-critical.


Queen's brows


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