7 Trendy and Stylish Alexandrite Jewelry Pieces 2023

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Alexandrite is a gemstone that is quickly getting popular these days and replacing many other traditional gemstones because of its color-changing property. The discovery of this gemstone is not so new. It was first found in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the 1830s and since then, it has become a center of attraction for royals, aristocrats, and modern celebrities. In the past few years, alexandrite has been used in making many astonishing jewels, but what about the current year? Will alexandrite be able to maintain its charm in 2023 as well?

Well, yes. Because this gemstone is silently becoming the first love of the new generation. Again the question is, what jewels will trend in 2023? After putting in a lot of effort, we have shortlisted here.

7 Stylish Alexandrite Jewelry Pieces That Will Trend in 2023

1. Pear-shaped Alexandrite ring

Alexandrite Earrings

A pear shape or teardrop ring is in demand nowadays because this shape of a gemstone is the most eye-catching one. Adding pear-shaped alexandrite to any jewel can make it mesmerizing and one of a kind. Pear-shaped emeralds are getting into the limelight because couples are done with traditional oval and round shapes. So, pear-shaped alexandrite rings are the new black. The key feature of alexandrite gemstone is its color-changing property; it looks green in the daylight and red in incandescent light. This is why it is also known as emerald by day and ruby by night. The pear shape perfectly portrays this color shift because pear-cut gemstone appears larger than any other traditional cut.

2. Alexandrite Earrings

Alexandrite Earrings

There was a time when ruby or sapphire studs used to rule the fashion world, but with time fashion enthusiasts got ready to experiment with their looks with some new gemstones. This is where alexandrite earrings come into the picture. Be it a pair of hoop earrings, dangles, or studs, this magical gemstone is replacing almost every gemstone. So choosing a pair of alexandrite earrings is something that will bring you in sync with jewelry trends in 2023. Having an invitation for a party or a candlelight dinner? Get ready with a stunning dress and do not forget to pair it with alexandrite earrings.

3. Heart Shaped Alexandrite Pendant

Heart Shaped Alexandrite Pendant

If you are planning to gift something to your significant other on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2023, then there can be nothing like a heart-shaped jewel. An Alexandrite pendant in the shape of a heart looks undoubtedly stunning and symbolizes your feelings for your loved one. Alexandrite pendant with a short chain adorns the neckline perfectly well and the color shift is something that instantly grabs the attention of everyone around.

4. Alexandrite Bracelet

Alexandrite Bracelet

A bracelet is one of the most stylish accessories for both men and women. It has always been in trend because it is a jewel for everyone and for all occasions. Bracelets survived so many trends and were molded according to them. Alexandrite makes a perfect combination with most metals and this is one of the reasons why you will see alexandrite bracelets setting new trends in the year 2023. You might have seen many influencers flaunting their bracelets studded with diamonds and rare gemstones. You can also follow their league with your alexandrite bracelet and can spice up the curry of your looks with a color-changing gemstone.

5. Alexandrite Tiara

Alexandrite Tiara

Nothing can make a woman feel more special than a tiara. As soon as she finds a tiara on her head, she starts feeling like a queen. Tiara is not just a jewel for many occasions, but a token of victory in most beauty contests. Because of the increasing popularity of alexandrite in the coming days, we can find alexandrite replacing other traditional gemstones in tiaras. Be it a center stone or a side stone in a tiara, an alexandrite creates an ever-lasting impression on its admirers.

Summer Dresses

6. Alexandrite Brooch

Alexandrite Brooch

If you are looking for a gift for your man in 2023, then an alexandrite brooch is a perfect choice because men usually need a luxurious accessory to look unique and stylish. Your man can put on the brooch on his overcoat, shirt, or hat. If you are planning to go on a candlelight dinner with him, then it can be a perfect gift because in candlelight, alexandrite appears red and in daylight, it looks like a green emerald. So an alexandrite brooch is a perfect gift and a perfect way to make him amazed about your taste and knowledge about gemstones.

7. Alexandrite Metal Band

Alexandrite Metal Band

A metal band is another popular accessory; brides love to pair it with their engagement ring, while grooms love to wear it as an accessory to look stylish on their wedding day. An alexandrite metal band in white gold with tiny alexandrite studded in it looks like sun rays getting reflected from dew drops. A gemstone band is an evergreen accessory that goes perfectly well with formal or casual attire. You might have seen many celebrities or influencers wearing a metal band as a pendant. So this is another way to look different and stylish. Both as a band or a pendant, an alexandrite white gold band is going to be trending in 2023.

So, all these alexandrite jewelry are going to trend in 2023. Other than these traditional jewels, you can also get this mesmerizing gemstone studded in any other object of daily use You can get customized alexandrite studded pen or in a cigarette lighter. So, if you are getting engaged or finding the love of your life this Valentine’s Day, then you can choose alexandrite jewelry to delight your loved one. 2023 has just started and lots of trends are still to be set.

To keep yourself updated with the latest jewelry trends, you must wait for other fashion world events or posts from celebrities and influencers. Giving your loved one something which is into trends creates a different impression. Another way to keep in sync with the latest jewelry trends is that you can stay tuned to our page. So which one is your pick? Drop your ideas in the comment box.

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