7 Top Pinterest Fashion Accounts you Need to Follow

pinterest fashion accounts
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Pinterest Fashion: Pinterest has emerged as a popular platform for fashion enthusiasts, providing a visual feast of inspiration, trends, and styles. Where many fashion lovers are familiar with renowned Pinterest accounts, there are several hidden gems that deserve recognition. In this article, we will unveil seven top Pinterest fashion accounts that offer exceptional quality and unique styles. These accounts have gained popularity among fashionistas and can improve your next outfit or fashion endeavor.

1. The Chic Pursuit(@thechipursuit): Pinterest Fashion

The Chic Pursuit is an outstanding Pinterest fashion account curated by Silje Marie. With a strong focus on affordable luxury and timeless style, this account offers a plethora of outfit ideas and fashion tips suitable for every occasion. Silje Marie’s attention to detail and eye for elegant pieces make her account a must-follow for fashion enthusiasts.

2. Fashion Jackson(@fashion_jackson)

Fashion Jackson, managed by Amy Jackson, is a treasure trove of effortlessly chic and minimalistic fashion inspiration. Amy’s carefully curated boards showcase versatile outfits, classic wardrobe staples, and helpful styling tips. With an emphasis on high–quality basics and timeless pieces, Fashion Jackson’s Pinterest account is a goldmine for achieving a sophisticated and modern look.

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3. Memorandum(@maryorton): Pinterest Fashion

Mary Orton, the creative mind behind Memorandum, brings her expertise as a lawyer turned fashion blogger to her Pinterest account. Memorandum features an array of polished workwear, stylish in-office outfits, and elegant ensembles. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for professional attire or polished everyday looks, Mary’s curated boards have you covered.

4. WeWoreWhat(@WeWoreWhat)

 This Pinterest fashion account was founded by Danielle Bernstein. With a mix of stunning editorial-style images, trend reports, and unique outfit ideas, this account offers a blend of high-end fashion and attainable street style.  Follow this account for a fresh take on fashion and a dose of sartorial inspiration.

pinterest fashion accounts

5. Atlantic-pacific(@blaireadiebee): Pinterest Fashion

It’s a renowned fashion blogger and influencer. Blaire’s Pinterest account is a visual delight, showcasing her difference and colorful approach to fashion. Combining a flair for mixing prints, textures, and vibrant hues gives a perspective personality style that is sure to sparkle with creativity.

6. The Daileigh(@thedailyleigh)

Dailegh has built a loyal following with her impeccable style and fashion-forward content. Her Pinterest account combines a fusion of classic and edgy looks,  offering inspiration for a diverse range of tastes.  He has boards catering to various fashion preferences.

7. Wendy’s Lookbook(@wendyslookbook): Pinterest Fashion 

Wendy Nguyen, the founder of Wendy’s Lookbook, is a fashion influencer for her creativity and passion for styling. Her Pinterest account has a collection of visually stunning images, showing interesting fashion concepts and captivating looks. From seasonal trends to travel-inspired outfits, Wendy’s Lookbook will ignite your fashion imagination.


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