7 Top Italian Sexy Crossdressers

sexy crossdressers: Ivan Cattaneo
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Sexy Crossdressers: For years now, Italians have been known for their great fashion sense and boldness when it comes to styling their outfits. Additionally, they have a great art of crossdressing as well. Crossdressing is the fancy act of wearing clothes that are often associated with the opposite gender. This act has a very long and detailed history in Italy and the country has produced many crossdresses across the country. Here are some of the sexiest crossdressers in Italy.

1. Valentina Nappi: Sexy Crossdressers:

A number of you who have interacted with adult films have probably heard of this name. She is famous for her stunning beauty and the readiness to explore a wide range of sexuality including that of men. On a number of occasions, she has been sported crossdressing and is willing to play the roles of men in her performances.

Valentina Nappi: Sexy Crossdressers

2. Andrea Belluzzi:

She is a famous Italian drag queen who has been in the public limelight for more than 25 years now. She is known for her fearless approach to self-expression, especially cross-dressing which she loves most.

3. Asia Argento:

Briefly, Asia is an actress, a director as well as a renowned writer who has gone beyond the boundaries of gender and sexuality in her work. She is known to be a crossdresser who is perfectly proud of her work which has inspired many young people in Italy to experiment with their own gender expression.

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4. Cristiano : Sexy Crossdressers

He is one of the most famous crossdressers in the entire world. While he is not a strict crossdresser, Christiano is known to love his fashion and the willingness to experiment with different styles. He has been sported wearing women’s clothes and accessories.

5. Ivan Cattaneo:

He is an Italian singer and artist who crossdresses in most of his performances. He often wears customers and makeup that bend his gender a little bit.

sexy crossdressers: Ivan Cattaneo

6. Giuseppe Bonura:

She is a well-known Italian transgender activist who advocates for the rights of LBGTQ openly. He is well known for his fearless approach and commitment to fighting for equality for all.

7. Federico Fellini: Sexy Crossdressers

He is one of the most famous Italian Film who is known for his crossdressing and dreamlike style. His films are often lined with themes of gender and sexuality.

In conclusion, crossdressing has a long and detailed history in Italy, with the country producing very many crossdressers.



5 Sexiest Crossdressers in the World: 2023



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