7 Tips to Style Urbanic Dresses the Indian Way

indian urban dresses
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Fashion has established itself as a perfect gateway for expressing your individuality, culture, and your ideal self. It is also a channel for blending the global trend of urbanic dresses that have a very rich Indian heritage. Urbanic dresses are the new trend as they have a very captivating fusion and are a better option in the latest designs. In this exclusive blog, we want to do some amalgamation that will involve urban fashion and some traditional Indian elements to create a very unique style that is modern, yet rooted in Indian history. Take a look at some of the ways of achieving such a combination:

1. Go for vibrant Indian prints and Patterns: Urbanic Dresses

Indian fashion is known for its vibrant colors. When choosing an urban chic dress, go for block prints, ikat designs, and modern silhouettes to create a captivating visual balance, ensuring that you stand out.

indian urbanic dresses

2. Choose some ethnic jewelry for the best results;

Accessories play a very big role in determining your entire outlook. To bring some touch of Indian elements into your urban dress, go for traditional ethnic jewelry such as the Ornate Jhumkas.

3. How about trying some Indian Drapes and Layers?: Urbanic Dresses

India has a number of famous draping styles. You can consider layering your urban dress with some colorful Indian drapes. It will not only add some dimension to your outfit but also pay homage to the rich draping traditions of India.

4. Have your footwear right:

You can strike a balance between the contemporary and the traditional footwear. Pair your urbanic dress with some juttis, kolhapuris, and the mojaris, local traditional Indian footwear. Fusing traditional shoes with modern shoes will bring out the fashionable nature in you.

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5. Mix and match contrasting elements: Urbanic Dresses

The key to styling your urbanic dress the Indian way lies in mixing contrasting elements. This involves combining a flowy maxi dress with an Indian vest. You can also decide to pair a fitted crop top with a flared Indian skirt, as I have witnessed many doing to blend different styles.

urbanic dresses in India

6. Embracing the Indian textiles:

Vibrant Indian Textiles such as silk, cotton, and linen have an appearance touch that can be used to blend with the urban chic dress. Go for clothes made of such materials.

7. Have your statement blouse ready: Urbanic Dresses

For those craving a fusion between Indian and Urban styles, think of pairing your skirts with intricately embellished blouses.


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