7 Tips on How to Dress For a Nature Walk

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How to dress for a nature walk? We’ll usually go for sportswear, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress both comfortably and stylishly, because we already know that when we resonate with the clothes we wear, we also feel better.

How to dress for a nature walk

While it’s still summer, sometimes we feel the need for a longer or shorter getaway in nature. Whether it’s a mountain hike, a night camping or a walk in the woods, one of the most important things to think about beforehand is what to wear.

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What not to wear

Dresses and high heels.

We should always retain our femininity, but not feel uncomfortable. However, they can be worn if it’s a picnic in the park, maybe even on a romantic date.

Here is a tutorial about stylish summer outfits perfect for a date

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Synthetic clothes and too tight, we can sweat and chafe.

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Our outfits should not contain clothes that are too loose or too many accessories. We can get caught on something and injure ourselves. We also don’t want our outfits to become too heavy. Because we might already have luggage.

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But now how to dress for a nature walk

Yeah, sporty. Because usually nature walks involve a bit of sport and we need comfort and masculine energy.

Here my post about feminine and masculine energy http://ourfashionpassion.com/the-energy-behind-your-outfit/

Opt for natural fabrics if possible. Our clothes need also to be neither too tight nor too loose for comfort.

Let’s choose to dress thicker as the wind or sea breeze may blow, but in starts so that we can also undress easily if needed.

Slippers should be comfortable, but with a thicker, yet soft sole. It’s the last thing we want to hurt our feet. And let’s not forget socks and underwear either, this is essential.

Here my post about the shoes http://ourfashionpassion.com/in-the-love-of-shoes/

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Make sure your body is fully covered, in case it is cold or insects appear. For example, if we are wearing shorts, we can also wear boots and a long cardigan and if our belly is uncovered we can tie a blouse around our middle.

Always cover our heads. A headscarf, a hat or even a sports hat are perfect and we can make them the focus of our outfit while keeping the sun away.

The most suitable colours are the light ones that will also give us the necessary energy and cheerfulness, while also highlighting our summer tan. Don’t forget colour therapy. Also if we wear yellow, blue or green, we will resonate better with the colours of nature and will be more easily charged with energy.


What styling rules can we keep for a nature walk outfit?

Even if we dress sporty we can still look a bit stylish if we:

Dress monochrome.

Keep our proportions.

We even keep a centre of interest. Sunglasses or maybe a colourful backpack. http://ourfashionpassion.com/the-centre-of-attention/

We use colours from the lightest on the inside to the darkest on the outside.

Choose colours that match our skin pigment.

Always keep your personal attitude!


A walk in nature is always a good idea to get rid of bad energy and to get some positive energy instead, and if you start with your outfiy you will get even more good vibes.

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