7 Tanzanite Birthstone Secrets You Never Knew

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Have you ever encountered a gemstone that radiates a mystical aura that immediately catches your attention with its bright blue-violet hue? If so, then you have stumbled upon one of the rarest and most sought-after gemstones in the world – tanzanite. This dazzling stone was discovered in Tanzania in 1967 and has been the birthstone for anyone born in December ever since.

It represents love, wisdom, and spiritual growth. But did you know that there is much more to this precious gemstone than meets the eye? In this blog, we’ll uncover seven tantalizing secrets about the tanzanite birthstone that you didn’t know, delving into its fascinating history, unique properties, and why it’s considered one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. So, sit back, relax, and be amazed by the fascinating beauty of the tanzanite birthstone.

Tanzanite Birthstone Secret #1: Tanzanite is a Rare and Precious Gemstone

Tanzanite is a gemstone that is shrouded in mystery and captivates the imagination. It is one of the world’s rarest gemstones and is considered one of the most precious. Tanzanite’s limited supply and high demand make it a highly sought-after gemstone by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

The scarcity of tanzanite is because it is only found in one location in the world, the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The limited availability of tanzanite makes it an exclusive gemstone highly prized and highly valued. Unlike other gems that can be found in various locations around the world, tanzanite’s rarity is what sets it apart and makes it so special.

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Tanzanite birthstone stands out for its unique beauty and rarity compared to other gemstones. Its intense violet-blue color and remarkable brilliance make it an exceptional gemstone that is sure to impress. Whether you’re a collector of fine gemstones or a jewelry enthusiast, tanzanite is a gemstone you cannot afford to miss.

Tanzanite Birthstone Secret #2: Tanzanite has a Unique Color Change Property

The tanzanite birthstone is not only a rare and valuable gemstone, but it also has a special characteristic that sets it apart from other gemstones: the phenomenon of color change. What really sets tanzanite apart from other gemstones is its exceptional quality.

Due to the presence of titanium and vanadium in tanzanite, the gemstone exhibits a color change phenomenon. These components make the gemstone appear in different colors depending on the incidence of light. In natural light, tanzanite seems in a deep, rich blue-violet hue; in artificial light, it appears in a stunning sapphire blue. This distinctive characteristic makes tanzanite a unique gemstone that fascinates and enchants.

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Therefore, this property has contributed to tanzanite being considered one of the most stunning and beautiful gemstones in the world. Tanzanite birthstone is ideal for you if you are looking for a valuable and rare gemstone to add to your jewelry collection. The exceptional color-changing quality of the tanzanite birthstone makes it a truly unique gemstone.

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Tanzanite Birthstone Secret #3: Tanzanite Birthstone: One Origin, One Masterpiece

Tanzanite, a precious and rare gemstone, is found exclusively in Tanzania at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. This limited availability contributes to its immense value and high demand among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts. The tanzanite mines in Tanzania are of immense importance to the future of the gemstone, as they are the only source for its extraction. Ongoing mining activities significantly impact the scarcity of tanzanite, demonstrating the importance of preserving these mines for future generations. Its exceptional properties and uniqueness make tanzanite a gemstone that stands out from the crowd and captivates all who view it.

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Tanzanite Birthstone Secret #4: Tanzanite has a Rich Cultural History

Tanzanite is a gemstone that embodies not just scarcity and high worth but also a fascinating cultural legacy. The tales surrounding its discovery, naming, and cultural importance make it a subject worthy of examination. In addition, the rich cultural heritage of tanzanite adds another layer of allure to this already extraordinary gem.

The discovery of tanzanite is a story that is steeped in mystery and intrigue. It is said that the gemstone was first discovered by a Maasai tribesman in the 1960s, who was out herding his cattle in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. The sight of the stunning blue-violet stones caught his eye, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The naming of the tanzanite birthstone is equally fascinating. The gemstone was named after its place of origin, Tanzania, in an effort to promote the gemstone and its unique properties to the world. The name tanzanite has since become synonymous with the gemstone and has helped to establish it as one of the most highly prized and sought-after gemstones in the world.

The cultural significance of the tanzanite birthstone is also worth exploring. In many cultures, tanzanite is believed to have spiritual and healing properties. It is also believed to bring good luck and prosperity to those who wear it. This cultural significance has helped to establish tanzanite as a truly exceptional gemstone that is not only prized for its beauty, but also for its spiritual and cultural significance. Own a piece of this exceptional gem and bask in the magic of its origin.

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Secret #5: Tanzanite’s Cut and Clarity

When the tanzanite birthstone is perfectly cut and polished, you can see how beautiful it is. Also, the key to tanzanite’s full potential is how it is cut and how clear it is. Gem cutters take great care to ensure that each facet has the correct angle so that the stone can reflect and refract light as best as possible. The result is a tanzanite that glows with a strange, mesmerizing light. With the right cut and clarity, tanzanite can be a stunning work of art that is as rare as it is beautiful.


It is incredible how many types of jewelry can be made with tanzanite. The stone can be used for many different types of jewelry, from simple pendants to bold necklaces. Tanzanite is also prized because it combines well with many other gemstones. It makes it a popular choice for people who want to create exquisite jewelry.

Tanzanite's Cut and Clarity


Secret #6: Tanzanite has Metaphysical Properties

Tanzanite birthstone is more than just a beautiful gemstone, it is also a gemstone with strong metaphysical properties. It is believed that the gemstone has the ability to promote spiritual growth and healing.

The metaphysical properties of tanzanite are rooted in the significance of its unique blue-violet color. The color blue is associated with tranquility and peace, while the color purple is associated with spiritual awareness and wisdom. Together, these colors create a gemstone that is considered especially powerful when it comes to spiritual growth and healing.

Furthermore, the metaphysical properties of tanzanite are not limited to spiritual growth and healing. The gemstone is also believed to have the ability to help people better understand their own thoughts and feelings, making it an excellent choice for those seeking greater self-knowledge and self-discovery.

So whether you are looking for a gemstone to help you grow spiritually, or simply a gemstone associated with peace and tranquility, tanzanite is an excellent choice. This rare and precious gemstone is not only beautiful to look at but also a powerful tool for personal growth and healing.

Tanzanite has Metaphysical Properties


Secret #7: Durable as Tanzanian Terrain!

Tanzanite is often referred to as the “gemstone of a generation,” and for good reason. Not only is it one of the rarest gemstones in the world, but it also features a durability that is often overlooked. While many people associate beauty with fragility, tanzanite is a prime example of a gemstone that combines both beauty and toughness. With a hardness of 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, tanzanite birthstone can withstand daily wear and tear, making it the perfect choice for those who want to wear their jewelry every day.

Whether you are looking for a stunning piece of jewelry for yourself or for a special someone, tanzanite jewelry is a fantastic choice. Its durability and rarity make it a valuable addition to any jewelry collection, and its beauty will ensure that it becomes a treasured family heirloom. So, if you are looking for a gemstone that is beautiful and long-lasting, consider tanzanite. It is the birthstone that has it all.

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The Bottom Line

The tanzanite birthstone continues to fascinate and impress those who discover its beauty. From its unique blue-violet hue to its rarity and durability, there are many secrets about tanzanite that make it a truly special birthstone. Whether you’re looking for a stunning piece of jewelry for yourself or for a special someone, tanzanite is a fantastic choice.

Its beauty and value make it a valuable addition to any jewelry collection, and its rarity ensures that it’ll become a treasured family heirloom. So if you’re looking for a truly unique birthstone, consider tanzanite. This stone will undoubtedly impress you and, over time, become a hidden gem in your collection.

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