7 Stylish Tie Knots You can Do in All Occasions

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Some outfits, whether for work or social occasions, look a lot better with a tie. A straight tie, worn beneath the shirt collar and tied at the throat, adds professionalism and refinement to a suit, jacket, or shirt and pants. If you prefer a simple knot, I recommend starting with the complete Windsor.

Here are the best ways to tie knots for all occasions:

Windsor knot

The Windsor knot, with its polished triangular design, is an excellent choice for job interviews, presentations, and social engagements. This knot looks great with a spread-collar shirt because of its broad appearance.

1. Raise the shirt collar and wrap the tie around the neck, so the broad end is on the right side and reaches approximately 12 inches below the small end, to begin tying the full Windsor knot.

2. Pass the large section of the tie over the narrow section.

3. Drag the broad end up and down through the neck hole.

4. With the wrong side facing out, pass the broad end beneath and to the right of the narrow section.


5. Cross the wide section over and to the left of the small part, with the proper side facing out.

6. Bring the broad end up through the neck hole.

7. Pass it through the front loop when pulling it down.

8. Keeping the hanging components in place using one hand holding the dangling components, slowly move the knot up towards the collar with the other until secure, and then lower the collar.

tie knots


Half Windsor knot

Begin the technique by elevating the shirt collar, as with the complete Windsor knot. Wrap the tie over your neck so that the broad end is on the right and the narrow end would be about 12 inches below the wide end.

1. Pass the large section over the narrow section.

2. Cross the large section behind the small section, so that the incorrect side is looking out.

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3. Bring the broad end up and to the left.

1. Pull it through the neck opening so that it is the wrong side out to the right.

2. Bring the broad end from right to left over the narrow half, with the proper side facing up.

3. Pull the broad end back up through the neck loop.

4. Insert it through the loop at the front of the collar when drawing it down.

5. Slide the knot upward with one hand while gripping the tails with the other.

6. To round off the appearance, lower the shirt collar.

Four-in-Hand Knot

The four-in-hand knot is ideal for broad neckties made of thick cloth. It looks best when paired with a conventional button-down dress shirt. Anyone can tie the four-in-hand knot in a couple of minutes by following a few simple steps.


1. Raise the shirt collar and drape the tie over the neck so that the broad end is on the right side and reaches about 12 inches below the small end.

2. Bring the tie’s broad end across the small end.

3. Then fold the broad part beneath the small part.

4. Return the wide side to the top of the narrow section.

5. Bring the broad side up through the big neck loop.

6. Insert the broad end of the knot in a downward direction through the loop in front, holding the knot loosely.

7. Using one hand holding the bottom narrow section of the tie, slip the knot upward with the other until tidy and snug. To finish, lower the shirt collar.


Trinity Knot

The most fashionable design to tie a knot is the Trinity knot. It is a little more challenging to tie than the four-in-hand knots and Windsor, as it is a stylish fashion icon for formal gatherings.

1. Raise the shirt collar to drape the tie around the neck. The wide edge hangs on the right side.

2. Pinch the wide side of the tie, below the collar to create a dimple in the fabric.

3. Now cross the thin part over the thick part.

4. Bring the thin end up through the neck opening.

5. Bring it back down toward the right side.

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6. Now cross the thick part to the other side of the tie.

7. Bring the narrow end up.

8. Through the neck opening pull it toward the right to make a heart shape.

9. Move it across the heart shape and bring it up through the neck loop.

10. Now, you can pull the knot through it. Make sure, you lose the top loop of the knot.

11. Then move it behind the thick portion to the other side.

12. Take the short end up and pass it through the loops which are loose.

13. For symmetry and tightness, adjust the knot to tuck it under the neckline ends.

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14. You can now fold down the collar for a complete look.

Pratt Knot

The Pratt knot, also known as the Shelby knot, adds a beautiful touch to any dress shirt. Because this knot is thinner than the Windsor knot, it looks well with light to medium-weight ties. To perfect the Pratt knot, follow a few easy steps.

1. Raise the shirt collar and drape the tie the wrong side up, with the broad end hanging on the right side about 12 inches lower than the small end.

2. Pass the tie’s broad part beneath the small detail.

3. Raise the broad end and loop it through the neck opening, then tighten.

4. With the correct side up, cross the broad end to the right.


5. Bring it up through the hole in the neck.

6. Now take it down to the knot loop.

7. To finish, carefully slide and adjust the knot and drop the shirt collar.

Kelvin Knot:

Kelvin’s knots are simple. Fortunately, Kelvin knots are simple to master and have an even, polished appearance. You follow a few simple instructions.

1. Wrap your tie around your collar, seam out, and thick end on the left. Hang your end two or three inches lower than where you want the knot to stop.

2. To ride, cross the thick end beneath the thin side on the left. Make an X below your chin. Cross the thick end from right to left across the front knot. Wrap the thin end around and back under the knot from left to right.

3. Bring the thick end across the front horizontally from right to left.


4. Place a finger beneath the horizontal band. Slip a finger beneath the horizontal band you’ve made. Slip your thick end beneath the loop that wraps around your collar. Insert your thick end inside the horizontal loop. Squeeze the knot into place. Tighten the knot by holding it with one hand and pushing on the thin end with the other.

Eldredge Knot

The Eldredge knot stands out with its unique pattern. Raise the shirt collar and drape the tie so the broad end rests on the right side just below the navel to begin tying the Eldredge knot.

Pinch the thicker side of the tie towards the collar to make a lengthy dimple.

Bring the thin portion of the tie over the thick part.

1. Bring the narrow portion of the tie beneath the thick part, the wrong side up.

2. Pull the thin section up to your neck.

3. Pull it down to the right, the wrong side up, through the neck loop.

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4. Take it around the front of the knot to the left.

5. Pull it through the neck loop.

6. Reposition it to the right.

7. Put it behind the Take it wrong side up behind the broad section of the tie to the left.

8. Cross it across the front to the right, then through the loop, you made in the previous step.

9. Pull the thin end to the right to tighten the knot.

10. Straighten the end and pass it through the neck loop to the right of the knot.

11. Bring it up again, this time over the knot to the left of the knot.

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12. Bring the short tail up to the right and through the loop you just made, keeping the knot loose.

13. Tighten by pulling.

14. Tuck the left end behind the neckline. Lower the shirt collar for a more polished appearance.

Tie accessories may help men and women who wear ties look and feel better. Individuals may pick from a variety of tie accessories to keep ties in place while also adding a touch of elegance. These selections are ideal for anybody looking to develop a signature style or upgrade their everyday wardrobe.

Tie bar: A bar that slides across the center of the tie to hold it in place.

Tie clip: Clips into place and attaches to the same spot.

Tie Tacks: Tie tacks have a pin, base, and chain to restrict the tie from moving.

Chain tying: A bar and chain combination is used. You can attach it to the shirt buttons and slip it through the tie-back.

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Neckties complement both men’s and women’s wardrobes by providing a sophisticated look for work or social situations. Straight ties are available in a range of designs, colors, and materials to suit any season or scenario, and several tie knots keep them looking sharp.

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