7 Stylish Colour Combinations for a Jodhpuri Suit: Indian Attire

Burgundy and Cream jodhpuri
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The Jodhpuri suit is one of the most famous in the world and especially in India. It is commonly known as the Bandhgala suit, a timeless and regal Indian attire known for its elegance. For a long time now, the Jodhpuri suit has traditionally been worn by the royal hence it is a sure mark of modern Indian fashion. Experts have concluded that the following colours form the best combination in our journey of adding a contemporary twist to this traditional outfit. This blog contains the 7 best stylish and eye-catching colour combinations that will for sure elevate your Jodhpuri suit game!

1. Navy blue and Ivory combination: Jodhpuri Suit

This is one of the most stylish colour combinations for a Jodhpuri suit as it excludes timeless charm and elegance. When the navy blue is paired with some ivory kurta and churidar, it becomes extremely stylish. This combination is perfect for evening events as well as very formal gatherings.

Navy blue and Ivory combination: Jodhpuri Suit

2. Charcoal grey and Sky Blue:

A combination of charcoal grey with sky blue is such a heavenly and refreshing look. Be sure to choose a charcoal grey Jodhpuri jacket with some sky blue kurta, a combination that is ideal for all daytime events as well as semi-formal occasions.

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3. Maroon and Beige: Jodhpuri Suit

As a man, you can never go wrong with a maroon outfit. It is known to be such a rich and luxurious look especially when paired with a beige kurta. The contrasting colours will create a sophisticated appearance. This outfit is for special celebrations such as weddings.

Maroon and Beige: Jodhpuri Suit

4. Emerald Green and Gold:

Your inner royalty needs to come out using the fancy Emerald green Jodhpuri Suit that is adorned with some gold embroidery. Be sure to pair it with some gold Kurta.

5. Burgundy and Cream colours:

Experts have finally concluded that Burgundy and cream are two colours that complement each other beautifully. Choose a burgundy Jodhpuri jacket and pair it with some cream Kurta as this adds a touch of sophistication for your evening celebrations.

Burgundy and Cream jodhpuri suit

6. Royal Blue and Silver: Jodhpuri Suit

Royal blue is one of the fancy colours that exude elegance globally.  Pair it with a royal blue Jodhpuri jacket and wear a silver Kurta for the best results.

7. Rust Orange and Beige:

This is a very unique and trendy look, especially for those who wanna experiment. A rust orange Jodhpuri jacket and a Beige Kurta will create such a warm and vibrant ensemble.


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