India is known for its culture and every culture has its customs and costumes. One of the most famous dress styles worn all over India is, you guessed it, the saree. Saree is traditionally worn by Indian women and for the last few decades, it’s also been worn with a modern twist! So here are some of the most famous Saree styles from all over India.


1. Bandhani

From: Gujrat and Rajasthan

Bandhani saree

Saree from: myntra

Bandhani or Bandhej refers to a tie-dye technique in which the fabric is first plucked with fingernails and then dipped in a dye. When opened, the patterns made by the threads are revealed. So beautiful!


2. Banarsi Saree

From: Varanasi

saree 4

Saree from: Panash

Banarsi brocade sarees are made using a pit loom machine where a frame is used to silk warp threads in a reoccurring pattern. And the result is striking zari motifs, which happen to be the defining feature in these sarees.

3. Jamdani

From: Sonargaon, West Bengal

saree 3

Saree from: Myntra

Hailed as one of the most advanced hand-weaving crafts across the world, Jamdani was declared an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2013. To create Jamdani, dense threads are added to the fine cotton weave making it as light as feather.


4. Chanderi

From: Ashok Nagar, Madhya Pradesh

saree 2

Saree from:Ambraee

Chanderi derives its exquisiteness from the fact that every loom in it is hand-loomed. While initially, Chanderis were wooden with handspun cotton yarn, it evolved into a silk-on-cotton weave with the introduction of silk yarns from Japan in 1945.



5. Kasavu Saree 


Saree from: nykaafashion

A welcome departure from the otherwise vibrant array of Indian handicrafts, Kasavu sarees can be identified by their off-white colour with thick gold zari borders. In fact, it is the rich zari that is actually referred to as Kasavu.


6. Kanjeevaram

From: Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu

saree 1

Saree from: indiaMart

Known for rich gold borders and striking contrasts, Kanjeevarams are handsome with mulberry silk and pure zari. Interlocking borders act as a distinguishing factor in this gorgeous saree style.


7. Patola Saree 

From: Patan, Gujrat

Saree from: Amrut

It is time-consuming weaves and tie-dye techniques that make Patola sarees truly unique. Each of these vibrant sarees is made using a number of colours and each colour plays an important role in deciding the overall pattern of the textile.

Have you ever tried a saree? In my opinion, sarees are one of the most sophisticated outfits ever!


Blog by: Priya Grover

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