7 Reasons To Choose A Ruby Engagement Ring


Are you getting engaged soon but don’t know which gemstone ring will suit your partner’s personality? 

No color gemstone has ever achieved the heights of popularity as ruby. Ruby is one of the most preferred gemstones when it comes to designing an engagement ring. The rich red color of ruby makes it a perfect gemstone for engagement rings.

Apart from being the most sought-after gemstone, the ruby represents passion and romance, making it a perfect choice for engagement rings.

Here I have narrowed down some of the genuine reasons why you should choose a ruby engagement ring.

  • Rubies Are Durable

Is it durable enough? Can I wear it every day?

These questions always pop up in our minds whenever we go shopping for the center stone for an engagement ring. After all, durability is the first factor that helps us make a decision for our engagement ring.

With a score of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, ruby makes a perfect stone for any engagement ring setting. So, if you’re looking for a gemstone that is scratch resistant and lasts for a lifetime, a ruby will match your expectations. You can set ruby in any ring setting to add charm to your appearance.

  • Birthstone Of July

July babies are optimistic and passionate by nature. And guess what? They are blessed with one of the most coveted gemstones of all – ruby. Besides being unapologetically beautiful, ruby with its astrological significance will surely bring luck, love, and prosperity to you.


So, if your partner’s birthday falls in July, gift her a ruby engagement ring to make your engagement celebration grand. Select a style that matches the grace of your partner; if she loves vintage vibes, then a vintage halo ruby engagement ring would be a perfect fit for her.

  • Symbolizes Passion, Love, Health, And Wealth

Ruby has been regarded as the king of gemstones by ancient people for ages. The tempting red color of ruby is a symbol of passionate love and romance, making it a perfect stone for an engagement ring for your lover. Archaic people used to associate ruby with wisdom, health & wealth, and even though the gemstone empowers romantic relationships. During the 1800s, French jewelers were so mesmerized by the beauty of ruby that they called it the ‘dearly loved stone.’

So, if you’re looking for a gem that effortlessly conveys your love and devotion to your partner, a ruby engagement ring will echo your love for her.

  • Rich History

The rich history of ruby makes it a coveted gemstone that every woman wants to add to her jewelry box. But what’s so special about ruby? The magical stone ruby, known for its unparalleled beauty, has been treasured by people since antiquity.

Legend has it that Chinese noblemen used to embellish their armor with rubies before going to war. They believed that the celestial energy of ruby would protect them in the war. If I talk about the British Royal family, Queen Elizabeth II loved to add a royal charm to her outfit with ruby jewelry and had a huge collection of ruby jewelry.

Now you’ve got another reason to design a beautiful ruby engagement ring for your significant other. The rich history of ruby will always make her feel special.

  • A Rare Gem

Do you love rare objects? If yes, then it’s time to gift your partner an engagement ring which is as rare as she is. Ruby is one of the rare gemstones of all. It is very hard to find high-quality rubies because of their limited deposits in the world. Myanmar and Kenya are the two countries where fine ruby deposits are known to exist.


Make her feel special and gift her a precious ruby engagement ring to express how much she means to you. If it’s your engagement ring, then design her a marvelous ruby ring to make your day remarkable.

  • Sets You Apart

Want to design an engagement ring that is more personal to your partner? Then you need to find what really tickles her fancy. If she loves to adorn herself with a piece of jewelry that stands out, then a ruby engagement ring will surely complement her personality. This ring will surely make her feel special and capture the eyes wherever she goes. Whether you’re going to a party or any other casual occasion, the ruby engagement ring will surely turn heads for a second look.

  • Favorite of Celebs

Ruby has also caught the attention of celebrities and they have made ruby engagement rings a sensation among couples. Celebs like Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry were proposed to with a ruby engagement ring. Their engagement rings took the popularity of ruby engagement rings to an entirely new level.

Got enough reasons to buy a ruby engagement ring for your partner? Great! Now it’s time to focus on her personal style to design an aesthetically appealing ring that elevates her overall appearance. This ring will surely melt her heart and make your engagement day memorable which you both will cherish forever.


By Henryy

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