7 perfect ways to elevate cheap clothes

cheap clothes
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Maybe at the time we can’t afford to buy the most expensive clothes or maybe we still like the pair of jeans we wore when we were 16, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good and stylish.
If we keep a few styling details in mind we can elevate cheap clothes and still look stylish and put together.

cheap clothes

How to elevate clothes

We can wear cheap clothes, but we can’t have a cheap outfit, so the first rule is to focus on us, not the clothes. We have the same value whatever clothes we wear. If we only think about the fact that we don’t have the best outfit today, we will really end up behaving poorly. Instead, if we pay attention to our body language, we will behave naturally and habitually and our clothes will look as good on us as they do every day.

How to elevate cheap clothes
Monochrome. No matter how cheap the clothes are, when we keep the whole outfit in the same colour, we will look more stylish and it will also give us a high sense of self-confidence.
Enhance your silhouette and keep your proportions. You can help yourself to accessories like brooches or belts if you need to adjust your clothes a little to your body shape.

It didn’t show too much skin. If you don’t have your best clothes on, you wouldn’t want to look slutty too. The cheaper the clothes, the more covered up the outfit needs to be.
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Drop the center of interest. It’s better if you draw attention to yourself as a whole, rather than a particular part of your outfit.


Secret styling typ

Try not to make the centerpiece of your outfit the cheapest item. You can even use multiple layers.
Add a classic element to your outfit. Whatever material they’re made from, classic pieces like simple shirts, blazers or plain-cut jeans will look better.
To elevate a little your outfit a bit you can add a small, delicate piece of jewellery or an accessory such as a scarf or an elegant hat, but not more than just one.

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cheap clothes looking good

What more can you do when you wear cheap clothes?

Keep in mind the general styling rules and learn what works for you and what doesn’t.
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Respect the dress codes of the venues and events you attend, whether you have more expensive or cheaper clothes.

Choose neutral colours. and know that always placing a darker colour over a lighter one will make you look more elegant.
Delicate, thin metal accessories help too.
For example, you can swap the belt on your old coat for a thin chain, or add a scarf and brooch to the hat you’ve had since high school.

Here some simple restyling tips 3 Easy Steps to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive – YouTube

As far as fabrics are concerned, always lay the thicker fabric over the thinner one.
There are clothes that look expensive even if they are cheap: office style, neutral colours, sharp shoes, square bag, scarf, sunglasses, basic wardrobe clothes.
There are also clothes that look cheap no matter how expensive they are: excess prints, sequins, logos, fringe, latex, imitation leather, nylon, mesh, excess neon colours, shapeless clothes.

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The most important thing is that whatever cloth you wear, whether it cost $2 or $200, if it makes you feel good and you know how to put your personal stamp on it, it will fit you and become the most expensive outfit.

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