7 Other Colours of a Santa Hat and their Meanings

black santa hat
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Santa Hat: One of the most used symbols of the Christmas holiday and celebration is the Santa hat. The hat is a festive symbol to represent the holiday season and is traditionally associated with the jolly figure of Santa Claus. Most people around the globe are only familiar with the classic red and white combination and only very few know of a multi-colour Santa. Let it be known that a Santa hat has very many unique colour meanings and associations. In this exclusive article, we shall have a look at the 7 other colours of a Santa hat and their meanings: Take a look:

1. Green Santa Hat: Santa Hat

This is probably one of the rarest Santa hats. It is associated with nature and is a sign of growth. It is worn during eco-friendly celebrations and is associated with new beginnings and fresh starts. Commonly won at the start of a year.

green Santa Hat

2. Blue Santa Hat:

Blue is one of the widely used colours to represent peace and tranquillity. It is often used during the snow and ice sessions of the year. A blue Santa represents a peaceful and stress-free holiday.

3. Gold Santa hat: Santa Hat

Known to all, gold colour is always associated with wealth, luxury and prosperity. A gold Santa hat, when won, symbolizes abundance and good fortune and is often won on gift-giving days.

gold Santa Hat

4. Silver Santa hat:

It is one of the most modern colours of the present day. How many have ever seen a silver Santa hat? It is often worn in new year celebrations as a strong sign of progress and advancement.

silver Santa Hat

5. Purple Santa Hat: Santa Hat

Similar to gold, purple is a great colour associated with Royalty and wealth. Additionally, when won, a purple Santa hat could be associated with meditation and reflection.

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6. Pink Santa Hat:

This is often likely to be found near our beautiful ladies and girlfriends. Pink is a very playful colour that is commonly associated with feminity and toughness. It is mostly used or lightheartedness and fun, especially during the holiday season. Additionally, pink is associated with romantic relationships.

7. Black Santa hat: Santa Hat

Black is a powerful and mysterious colour, associated with sophistication and elegance. However, the colour too is associated with ideas of mystery and intrigue, also associated with hidden depths and deep secrets.

black Santa Hat


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