7 Must-See Hottest Bikini Outfits by Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor hot bikini
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Joy Taylor is not new to the fashion world, as she is a beloved Australian influencer. For those who are looking to ignite their fashion, Joy Taylor is the perfect choice, as she is always up-to-date on fashion and is not only a fan but a lover of bikinis. It is true to say that Joy Taylor is a motivator for those who love wearing bikinis and in this article, we take a look at seven of her bikini outfits.

1. Strapless Bikini by Joy Taylor

For those who wish to experience confidence and sexiness, the strapless bikini is a good option. To complete the look, Joy Taylor often pairs earrings or a hat with a strapless bikini and high-waisted bottoms.

Joy Taylor hot bikini

2. Classic Triangle Bikini

Joy Taylor dons this look with confidence, as it is a great choice for those who wish to display their curvaceous body without being too discreet. The term going out of fashion cannot be used on a triangle bikini as it is a timeless classic.

3. High-waisted Bikini

The Passion of Joy Taylor is unmatched in wearing a high-waisted bikini with crop tops and bralettes, as it is a perfect way of showing off curves without being too disclosing.

Joy Taylor sexy hot bikini

4.  The One-Piece Swimsuit by Joy Taylor

Just like the Australian influencer Joy Taylor loves to put on the one-piece swimsuit, pairing it with interesting details, it’s the best option for those who love a bit more cover-up.

5. The Micro Bikini

This is a rare type of fashion, as only a few people wear it since it requires a lot of confidence. For those who wish to show off much of their skin, this is a great option, just like influencer Joy Taylor does in them with high-waisted bottoms.

Joy Taylor micro bikini

6. The Thong Bikini

Australian influencer Joy Taylor is fond of wearing thong bikinis with low-cut tops, as it is an adventurous look for anyone wishing to make a statement.

Joy Taylor bikini lingerie thong

7. The Printed Bikini by Joy Taylor

To add a little personality to one’s look, the printed bikini is a much greater way, just like Joy Taylor is attached to wearing printed bikinis, pairing them with bold colors and patterns.

Joy Taylor’s swimwear is a testament to her impeccable fashion on the beach. Her hot collection embodies both style and confidence, empowering women.


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