7 Most Stylish Color Combinations for Men

best colour combinations for men
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We must all agree that men have very funny color combinations which should be tamed with immediate effect. For this reason, I found it worthwhile to be the author of an article that will act as a light and guide for men who want to pursue their stylishness. Let no one lie to you that men are colorblind. With this article, we shall unveil numerous color combinations that are best for men. Be sure to pick one or two that you can begin experimenting with. Fashion trends can vary over time.

1. Navy and Burgundy: Color Combinations for Men

For a classic and sophisticated combination, navy and burgundy work well for formal and semi-formal occasions. Put on a navy suit with a burgundy tie or pair burgundy chinos with a navy blazer the outfit will be good.

Navy and Burgundy color combination for men

2. Olive and beige:

this combination creates a versatile and relaxed look. One should pair olive trousers with a beige sweater or vice versa for a stylish casual look.

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3. Charcoal and light blue: Color Combinations for Men

a charcoal suit paired with a light blue dress shirt is both sharp and professional for a perfect business setting.

4. Gray and maroon:

maroon adds a touch of richness to the ensemble while gray is a versatile color that complements many others. One should consider a gray cardigan over a maroon shirt or vice versa.

best colour combinations for men

5. Tan and denim blue:

for weekends or casual gatherings, the tan chinos or trousers with a denim blue shirt or jacket create a fresh and contemporary outfit.

6. Black and camel:

the combination of black and camel can exude sophistication and elegance. For more formal events, a black blazer paired with camel-colored trousers is a great option.

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7. Dark Green and brown: Color Combinations for Men

the combination offers an outdoorsy and rugged vibe. When you try a dark green jacket with brown pants or a brown leather jacket with a dark green shirt, the outfit will be perfect.

The best color combinations are the ones that make you feel confident and comfortable. You should experiment with these ideas to find what suits you best and adapt them to your wardrobe.

sexy color combinations for men


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