7 Iconic makeup artists in the world

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Famous iconic makeup artists around the world have added more attraction to fashion to enhance more people like it. Nowadays fashion is always adding more Ideas to the world that’s why it keeps trending the new great makeup artists, I want you to know that something that everyone has its favorite makes up artist from the most beautiful celebrities that are trending, the lifestyle influencer and the most iconic Fashion model, no matter what occasion it may be makeup has not disappointed anybody before whether is red carpet or photoshoot and most especially the new fashion room, they have helped celebrities ace various looks with great swag and unflinching confidence. Big kudos to all makeup artists throughout the world, they are done great.

Here, in this article, I tell you the iconic make-up artists in the world to follow if you’re a makeup artist or a makeup suitor, these people will make your day.

1. Bobbi Brown:

2. Laura Mercier:

3. Richard Taylor:

4. Billy B:

5. Pat McGrath:

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6. Charlie Green:

7. Rick Baker:

In this article, Here we go!

Iconic Makeup Artists – Bobbi Brown.

She is an internationally recognized, makeup artist, she is the CEO of her cosmetics company, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and also The Today Show’s beauty editor. She is the first recognized makeup artist in the world.


Iconic makeup artists 1

Iconic Makeup Artists -Laura Mercier.

She is popular in the world due to her creator, she made amazing makeup for some top celebrities and they are always looking for her, she made some cosmetics like Body & Bath, Fragrances, and Skincare.

Iconic makeup artists 2

Iconic Makeup Artists – Richard Taylor.

He is a very hardworking makeup artist, and he was a popular artist in Hollywood, His name was comprehended to the amazing work that he do in LORD OF THE RINGS, he is the co-founder and co-director of wellington’s Weta companies and he has been won the award-winning like 5 Oscars, 4 BAFTAs, and many other prestigious awards.

Iconic makeup artists 3

Billy B.

He was the owner of the most popular cosmetic industry trending now L’OREAL in Paris, He rose to popularity for his creativity and flair and he became one of the most successful makeup in the world.



Pat McGrath.

She was recently named among one of the prominent makeup in the world, however, she rose her popularity due to her work for some international celebrities like Jenifer Lopez, Madonna, and Jennifer Aniston and many more, I just name a few, she is currently Procter & Gamble’s Global Cosmetics Creative Design Director.


Iconic Makeup Artists – Charlie Green.

She is a talented makeup artist and she is popular in the world due to her hardworking and work experience because she has worked as a makeup artist for more than Twenty years ago.

Rick Baker.

This is the man behind the international makeup for movies such as Jurassic Park, Predator, and Terminator series. He also worked in the movies Avatar and Iron Man. His creative genius is recognized both in Hollywood as well as on the international circuit.


All these makeup artists are rose their popularity through their hard work and new creativity, But it is not the start here and it can not end ended from them, become a popular makeup artist you have to have a learning experience from others to gain more followers for your work.

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