7 Hair Care Tips to Achieve the Shahid Kapoor Hairstyle

sexy Shahid Kapoor hairstyle
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Shahid Kapoor has made headlines for having one of the most stylish hairstyles not only in Bollywood but across Asia and the world at large. His locks have been the subject of envy by many who cannot maintain a similar one. Shahid is known for being well-groomed and his stylish hair always complements the entire outfit. Over the years, he has established himself as a fashion icon for men across the globe. If you are wondering how to keep your hair like Shahid Kapoor, this article is the best for you as it will be your ultimate guide. Here are seven essential hair care tips to achieve the Suave and  Charismatic mane.

1. Having regular trims: Shahid Kapoor hairstyle

Shahid Kapoor can attest to the fact that having regular trims are essential for maintaining a fancy hairstyle. It will require you to regularly keep the split ends at bay to promote hair growth. Consult the services of a professional hairstylist for more.

2. Choosing the right hair products: Shahid Kapoor

Having and maintaining a hairstyle like one of Shahid Kapoor’s will have you spending more on hair products. They include high-quality shampoo and conditioners that are suitable for your hair. As Shahid Kapoor’s hair looks voluminous, it will require you to have products that add shine to your locks.

Shahid Kapoor hairtsyles

3. Conditioning the hair often enough: Shahid Kapoor hairstyle

Conditioning is very crucial to keeping your hair manageable and soft. You all know that Kapoor’s hair is very smooth and silky due to regular conditioning. Use some nourishing hair conditioners.

4. Protecting your hair from direct heat and sun:

Excessive exposure of the hair to sun and heat ends up causing massive hair damage. This means that when stepping out in the sun you will have to wear a hat to protect the hair from dangerous UV rays.

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5. Staying hydrated and having a balanced diet:

A healthy looking hair starts with a healthy diet. As they say, healthy hair starts from within. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated, and have a well-balanced diet that includes vitamins, proteins, and minerals that will help nourish your hair and promote growth.

sexy Shahid Kapoor hairstyle

6. Embracing your natural texture:

From the photos and what we know, Shahid often showcases his natural hair texture and embraces the natural waves and curls rather than going against them. Do so too!

7. Treat yourself with some scalp massage: Shahid Kapoor

A relaxing scalp massage is not only a great way of relieving stress but also promoting blood circulation in the hair. Use natural oils such as almond, jojoba oil, and coconut.


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