7 Hacks to Prevent Bra Straps from Slipping

Prevent Bra Straps from Slipping
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Prevent Bra Straps from Slipping: There are several hacks you can try to prevent bra straps from slipping. Here are seven effective tips to help you enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free day.

1. Choose the Right Bra: Prevent Bra Straps from Slipping

Wearing the right bra is one of the most important factors in preventing bra straps from slipping. Get professionally measured if you are unsure about your size or consider using online bra fitting guides for accurate measurements.

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2. Invest in Racerback Bras:

Forming a V or Y shape, Racerback bras have straps that come together in the back. Eliminating the need for constant adjustment, the crisscross design ensures that your straps stay securely on your shoulders.

3. Use silicone strap cushions: Prevent Bra Straps from Slipping

Silicone straps are small. There are discreet accessories that can be placed on your bra straps. You can find silicone strap cushions at most lingerie stores or online retailers.

Prevent Bra Straps from Slipping

4. Try Bra strap clips:

The bra strap clips are a simple yet effective solution to prevent slipping straps. Effectively converting your regular bra into a racerback style, these clips connect the back of your bra straps. They are affordable, easy to use, and can be found in most lingerie departments.

5. Sew in Elastic straps: Prevent Bra Straps from Slipping

You can sew elastic straps to your bra if you are feeling crafty. First, cut a piece of elastic about 1-2 inches long and attach it to the back of your bra straps, closer to the center. You should make sure the elastic is taut but not uncomfortably tight. Keeping your bra straps in place throughout the day, this DIY hack will provide extra tension.

6. Use Fashion Tape:

It is just for securing clothing. You can also use Fashion Tape to prevent bra straps from slipping. Before putting on your bra, Apply a small piece of double-sided fashion tape to the top of your shoulders before putting on your bra. Keeping your straps securely in place, the tape will provide additional grip.

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7. Invest in strapless Bras: Prevent Bra Straps from Slipping

Consider investing in a high-quality strapless bra for outfits that make it difficult to conceal bra straps. They are designed to provide ample support without the need for shoulder straps.


With these seven hacks, you can prevent slipping bra straps from a frustrating and uncomfortable experience and enjoy a more comfortable day.


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