7 Fashion Jewelry Styles You’ll Be Sure To Love This Year

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Fashion and jewelry styles go hand in hand. When fashion trends are in talks, they not only revolve around glamorous apparel and accessories but also feature statement fashion jewelry as a significant factor for a stylish appearance. Apart from what clothes we wear, the first thing that attracts other’s attention is our way of adorning ourselves with jewelry. Every piece of gemstone jewelry is a perfect combination of charismatic hues and starlit brilliance. In this article, we have shed some light on the latest fashion jewelry trends that made headlines this year. Check out your ultimate statement fashion jewelry bling below.

 fashion jewelry choker

High-End Choker-style Necklaces

What to give a sensational highlight to your outfit? How about going for a gemstone pendant set in pearl or diamond necklaces? These high-neck adornments give you a super embellished appearance which is both classic and bold at the same time. The icing on the cake is that these necklaces complement any attire or occasion. Don’t hesitate to pair a ribbon choker with a chic short dress you wish to wear to one of those flashy club parties. You can also pick a bib-style fancy choker piece to complement your ankle-length evening gown at a sophisticated formal dinner. A choker necklace is always synonymous with boundless grace and priceless style.

Pure Metals Never Go Out of Trend

Jewelry purely made of metals with no gemstones embellished on it might appear bland to some but modern fashion pundits have already tagged metal jewelry as classic and sassy. From gold link chain necklaces to platinum knot bracelets and rose gold wedding band sets to silver metal hoops, metal jewelry tops the fashion jewelry trends in a timeless loop. Moreover, these pieces of jewelry blend well with any setting, be it a dinner date with your significant other, a business meeting with superiors or a brunch with your mates.

Flashy Dangle Earrings

No matter how casually you are dressed for a dance party, a pair of suitable dangle earrings can put the entire fuss to rest. This is how magical danglers are, they are instant highlighters and trendsetters when it comes to stealing the utmost attention of a crowd of spectators. Be it blue sapphire earrings paired with dainty diamonds or crimson ruby drops augmented in diamond studs, these earrings create a constant wave of admiration and attraction in the hearts of millions. The craze is not limited to precious gemstones, a huge variety of semi-precious chandelier bling is trending among young women.

 fashion jewelry dangle earrings

Statement Cocktail Rings

Chunky metal bands with multiple gemstones set in intricate designs are a generous amalgamation of contemporary and vintage-style fashion jewelry. While 21st-century fashionistas go crazy over bright and bold gemstone bling, cocktail rings exactly align with modern jewelry instincts. But cocktail rings are not a new fascination, they emerged back in the 1920s as women’s expression of freedom and empowerment in Western cultures. Even today, jewelry enthusiasts can find sizable emerald gold rings styled in antique settings or find solace in the newest three-stone diamond rings with a spell of enchantment to die for.

Oversized Cuffs, Bracelets And Bangles

The journey to becoming a fashion attraction is incomplete without accessorizing your hands with snazzy cuffs, bangles, or bracelets. A band of metal that is open from one end and hence does not close up on your wrist is what we call a cuff bracelet. Wearing a cuff is more comfortable since unlike bracelets or bangles, cuffs usually rest on your wrist bone and restrict the free movement of the jewelry.

 fashion jewelry 3

Speaking of bracelets, not to mention, tennis or eternity diamond bracelets for women are forever in trend. Similarly, the link style is equally popular in bracelets as it is in necklaces and earrings. Everything from sleek chains to chunky metal links is upgrading fashion manuals every day. Similarly, a stack of plain metal bangles, especially those made of gold, is nothing less than a piece of absolute enchantment.

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Beaded Strands Stepping Up Fashion Sense

Ever tried gemstone-embellished or beaded headbands? They are a surprise element that you can add to your vacation or festive wardrobe. Alternatively, colorful gemstones in round shapes brought together in necklaces and bracelets can add a spicy flavor to your sundress. Out for a holiday? Take a beachy ride or explore the local legacy with a maxi dress twinned with layered beaded necklaces and bracelets in different sizes for a playful look. Calling out for all Gen Zs and millennials out there…drive away your blues with a splash of colorful beads.

Transcending to The World of Charms

Beautiful charms hanging from gold necklaces or gemstone bracelets are a heavenly bliss. Charms have been popular among people for ages, back then, wearing a charm was more of a faith in God and protection against negative forces. Today, charms have become more meaningful for individuals depicting tokens of their interests, name initials, lucky numbers, lovely heart symbols, floral designs, etc which carry sentimental value. If you know a personalized jewelry admirer then gift them a charm locket or bracelet, they would love to get their personal life stories inscribed on small chunks of metal.

 fashion jewelry 4


Gemstones and jewelry not only carry sentimental attachments but also influence the way we picture ourselves in front of others. Be it on the personal or professional front, an ideal look is incomplete without a piece of trending jewelry. We welcome all fellow jewelry enthusiasts to pick their one-of-a-kind jewelry design from GemsNY, one of the largest online stores of high-quality precious and semi-precious loose gemstones and jewelry in the US.

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