7 Different Types of Puffer Jackets

All puffer jackets have a quilted pattern, with natural or synthetic fibers stuffed into the spaces between the stitching. You stay warm thanks to its filling, which also gives you a recognizable puffy appearance.

Goose or duck down and man-made synthetics based on polyester are the most widely used insulating materials. Even some puffers combine the two. While down jackets will keep you warmer than those with synthetic insulation, they are heavier and typically more expensive.

Types of Puffer jackets.



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Belted puffer coats, Prada promoted for the fall/winter season, are perfect for people who wish to emphasize their waists. A belted puffer can take center stage while maintaining heat by being fully fastened. Win-win. Wear yours with skintight leggings, jeans, and knee-high boots to enhance your appearance. 

 Long Puffer Jackets 

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Introducing the whole puffer. The alternative from Everlane is less clumsy than a conventional quilted coat while yet providing the same exceptionally warm, water-resistant, and windproof protection. The drawstring waist on the slim silhouette gives it a sharp, fitted appearance. Moreover, all components—aside from the buttons and trim—are constructed of recycled materials.

Puffer Parka


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Reach for this adaptable piece on days when the weather is unpredictable; it feels warm without being oppressive. A Madewell classic has been improved with recycled nylon, down-alternative filling, and materials that are machine washable.

 Puffer Vest

Under your puffer vest, you are free to wear as few or as many layers as you like. You can wear your puffer vest with a polo shirt, shirt, sweater, or long-sleeved top, depending on the situation. You can wear almost anything underneath a padded vest due to its adaptability. If you want to keep your vest lightweight, choose cotton or linen underlayers. In colder climates, a woolen or fleecy garment is a smart layering choice.

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Short Reversible Puffer Jackets