7 Dangerous Side Effects of Wearing High Heels: Latest Research

High heels dangerous health effects
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High heels are one of the most common fashion accessories for every woman. It is difficult to bring out the real power of a woman without mentioning the name of high heels. A perfect party look is incomplete without heels that are meant to compliment your entire outlook. However, everything that is good must have a dark side that is not so friendly. Not many ladies are aware that high heels may pose a dangerous health side effect to your body.

7 Dangerous Side Effects of Wearing High Heels:

1. Foot ache side effect of High heels:

There is a certain way that high heels are shaped and designed that is dangerous for the foot. After having a long day, your feet will begin being uncomfortable and thus you are likely to experience a sharp pain in your heel, toes, or arch. This is known as a foot ache.

High heels side effects

2. Sore calves as a result of wearing high heels:

Pointed high heels are not so perfect for your body. At times they may cause your feet to experience protruding veins which are not appealing and at the same time they are very painful.

3. Lower back pain effect of wearing high heels:

Despite women looking sassy and all sexy in high heels, there is a price to pay. Research has shown that men are more attracted to ladies in high heels due to the sexy arch formed by their behinds that is so attractive to men. However, that sexy arch may be problematic, especially to your spinal cord. High heels don’t give complete support to your feet, resulting in unequal distribution of weight and thus causing pain in the lower back.

High heels dangerous health effects

4. Unhealthy spinal curve:

You all know how dangerous spinal injuries are, right? Flaunting that sexy hourglass figure may be problematic at night when you are left alone to suffer the consequences of lying all day. High heels for sure make the lower back arch out more than usual. That unusual arch results in nasty pains in the upper and lower regions of your back.

5. Knee pain:

When wearing high heels, there develops an awkward curvature of the leg hence putting too much pressure on the knee joint. Experts have argued that it often leads to osteoarthritis in people.

6. Ankle sprains cases:

Walking with high heels, especially for the first time is a little bit more suicidal. If you are walking around potholes and bumps, there is a likelihood that you might sprain your ankle and fall. Ankle sprains are very painful.

7. Weakened Ligaments:

As a result of wearing high heels often, your ligaments will weaken.


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