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Summer is here and one of the most hit trends in 2022 is scarf tops! There are so many different ways to style a scarf top that can make you feel confident, secure and cute all together!

Let’s take a look at some of the ways our favourite Instagram influencers have styled their scarf tops!




The classic way!

Credits: Claire_most (Instagram)


Keep it basic if you want to try the style but don’t want your outfit to feel overly fashionable or over-the-top. With a pair of traditional straight-leg jeans and sporty kicks, a logo print scarf, like Dior’s silk navy choice, or one with a cool eye-catching graphic, is easy to dress.


Mix and match the prints

Credit: thisisjessiecatorres

Whether you’re new to print mixing or a seasoned pro, a quirky checkered scarf is an excellent way to get started. Choose a trendy design in a smaller rendition than the top for an intriguing twist on the sought-after look on your pants. Choose the same colour palette for your top and bottom to make things feel less cluttered.


All About Accessories

Credit: Double3xposure (Instagram)

A scarf top is an ideal way to try out the jewellery trends for Spring/Summer 2022. (see: flashy silver, colourful beads, chunky chokers). Your bright necklaces and statement earrings get a chance to shine because there are no straps, sleeves, or lace to go in the way.


Matching sets

Credit: Ali_tate_cutler

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

It’s up to the always-on-trend With Jéan, we created a two-piece ensemble with a top that looks like a scarf. This scarf-like top can be styled in a variety of ways, making it feel like a new piece every time you wear it. Plus, you can mix it up by wearing it with denim or baggy trousers.


Wrap it around

Credit: emmanuellek_ (Instagram)

Scarves are usually wrapped around the body in a triangle shape and tied behind the neck, but a cool beach-worthy alternative is to wrap it around the body, over the collarbone, and tie it behind the neck. It takes a longer sarong-style design, like Victoria Ragna’s colourful version, to pull off, but the results are well worth it.


Beach Chic

Credit: champagnemani

Consider a pair of simple shorts with a scarf in place of a shirt if you’re searching for something quick to toss on over a swimsuit. A printed style can be used to tie over your hair if it gets windy, or it can be used as a bikini cover-up; the choice is yours.




Blog by: Priya Grover


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