7 Crazy and Unusual Dress Code Rules around the World

dress code
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The dress Code is the unwritten rule of fashion that dictates what you will wear for a specific event at a given time and with the right people. Lovers of fashion do understand that you don’t just wear any type of clothes that you find clean in your closet. Clothes and outfits must match a specific event and at the specified time.

Some countries have gone ahead to implement dress code rules, meaning that when you are visiting the said countries, you don’t just wear any type of clothing. It must be in alignment with their laid down rules and regulations. When traveling from your country to another, it is expected that you familiarize yourself with their rules so as to respect their local culture and avoid unnecessary court fines. With me here are 7 Crazy and Unusual Dress Code Rules around the World for all fashion lovers:

1. Driving with your Sandal on: (Spain Dress code rules)

Did you know that driving while wearing sandals and flip-flops is a punishable offense in Spain? Imagine yourself being arrested for such a crime you literally had no idea of. When driving across the streets of Spain, make sure that your fashion includes closed shoes to the right with the local authorities.

2.No Bikini away from the Beach (Spain and Turkey dress code rules)

Lovers of Bikinis have been warned against wearing bikinis in the streets. Authorities in Barcelona as well as parts of Turkey are on high alert looking for those breaching this rule. I hope you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of this rule.

dress code

imagine source: google.com

3. Its a No to high heels( Greece dress code rules)

This sounds funny and unrealistic, right? It will make sense to you when you will be asked to remove your high heels while visiting historical sites in Greece and Delphi. It is believed that women wearing high heels might damage ancient monuments found in the region.

dress code

source image: google.com

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4.No army or Camouflage dressing (Dress code rules in Barbados)

In Barbados, you stand higher chances of being arrested for wearing camouflage or army-like clothes if you ain’t a member of the army.

5.No trousers Zone (Sudan and North Korea Dress code rules)

In Sudan, a country in Africa, and North Korea, women face harsh punishment if caught wearing trousers.

6.No make Up in Sudan:

Makeup is termed as being offensive. You have to be natural in Sudan. I bet this is the craziest and funniest of all

7.No Niqabs and Burqas( France)

In France, wearing any piece of cloth that covers your head is a crime.


Cross dressing in Saudi Arabia:

Cross dressing means wearing clothes of the opposite gender, especially men who love wearing like women might find themselves on the wrong side of the government.


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