7 Components of the Best Formal Dress for Men

Best Formal Dress for Men: charcoal grey suit
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One of the most asked questions in the world of fashion revolves around the best formal dress for men. Fashion trends can be subjective to personal preferences and occasions. They can also vary over time. I have lined up some of the outfits that I personally feel are good for every man who wants to appear sassy, sexy, and stylish for the day. Here are seven components of the best formal dress for men and versatile formal dress options for men.

1. Classic navy blue suit: Best formal dress for men

In every man’s wardrobe, a well-tailored navy blue suit is a staple. This suit is appropriate for a wide range of formal events, from weddings to business meetings. No man should lack such a suit in his wardrobe as it is a true definition of how official and to what extent you can go.

2. Charcoal gray suit:

Just like a navy suit, a charcoal gray suit is a timeless and elegant choice that offers a sophisticated and professional outfit.

Best Formal Dress for Men: charcoal grey suit

3. Crisp white dress shirt: Best formal dress for men

To complement any suit, a high-quality white dress shirt paired with various ties and accessories can complement to create different looks. A plain color shirt looks better than one with multiple colors.

4. Dark ties in solid colors:

To provide a polished and refined appearance, wear ties in dark shades like navy blue, burgundy, or forest green. That can easily be matched with different suits. As you grow old, you will realize that men who wear ties are likely to seem five times more sexy than those who don’t wear ties.

official ties: Best Formal Dress for Men

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5. Black leather oxford shoes:

For formal occasions, a classic pair of black leather oxfords is a must-have. They do well with suits and tuxedos alike. I have always insisted time and again that you look as good as your shoes.

6. Formal dress watch: Best formal dress for men

To add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble, wear a simple and elegant dress watch with a leather or metal strap. A watch is what creates a separation between a boy and a man.

7. Tuxedo:

Honest, who doesn’t love a nice fitting tuxedo? A well-fitted tuxedo is the epitome of formal attire and exudes timeless style when one is going to special events like black-tie galas or weddings.


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