7 Celebrities Who Wore their Maga Hat Better

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Maga Hat: Over the recent past, this type of hat has gained plenty of traffic, especially from the united states of America. The Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat has strongly established itself as a symbol of American politics and has attracted the attention of a number of celebs. With me here are 7 renowned celebrities who have worn their MAGA hat better than anyone else.

1. Kanye West: Maga Hat

He remains one of the most outspoken celebrities in the United States and is famous for his outspoken views and his support for the then-president of the USA Donald Trump. In the year 2018, Kanye wore the hat at a popular event dabbed as a Saturday night out. He has also been photographed severally wearing the hat.

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2. Kid Rock:

He is one of the most celebrated musicians and actors. For years now, he has remained to be one of the vocal supporters of Trump and the republican party. Kid Rock still believes that Trump will make a comeback and that he is the secret to the economic growth of the USA.

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3. Scott Baio:

He is an actor who rose to glory between the years of 1970 and 1980. He is such a staunch supporter of Trump and has won the MAGA hat on several occasions. He has publically claimed his never-ending support for Donald Trump and his ideologies.

4. Diamond and silk: Maga Hat

They are renowned political commentators who rose to glory in the 2016 campaigns. They have been publically spotted wearing the MAGA hat on several occasions and still believe in Trump’s vision for America.

maga hat best

5. Mike Tyson:

Many have heard about him from his days of a heavyweight boxing champion. He is a great supporter of Trump and the republican party. He has worn the MAGA hat on several occasions and is not afraid to support Trump in public.

6. Ted Nugent:

He is a renowned musician as well as a vocal supporter of Trump and the republican party. He even went ahead and designed his own version of the hat reading: ”make America great again and again” He says that he believes in Trump’s policies and his commitment to America.

7. Roseanne Barr: Maga Hat

She is a famous actress as well as a comedian and a strong supporter of the Republican party. She appeared on several bases wearing the MAGA hat.

In conclusion, several celebrities have been spotted wearing the MAGA hat for years now. It’s a way of identifying themselves with the republican party.


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