7 Blood-Sucking Fashion Blunders That Make You Look Horrible in Public!

However, fashion blunders are easily avoidable if you know them in the first place. Check out seven common fashion mistakes below!
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Appearing beautiful and looking fashionable are the desires that everyone has, along with grabbing attention in public with original fashion choices. But in that process, most people opt for odd and uncommon things that make them look clumsy, horrible, out of style, and very unlikable. As a result, the purpose of appearing charming and aesthetically pleasing gets lost. However, fashion blunders are easily avoidable if you know them in the first place. Check out seven common fashion mistakes below!


Wearing Retro Pieces Without Having a Modern Spin

Yes, the idea to use retro style to grab attention at parties and events is not new, and many use it to appear unique and in original getup.

But old trends rarely entice people and compel them to have a positive view of you. Especially, it’s when you use vintage pieces without reinventing them according to modern styles and trends.

If you want to use vintage wardrobes for any event, you should include some modernity in them. By using a modern spin, you’ll reinvent the style that’ll be pleasing and attractive.

Using Horizontal Stripes on Dresses

Ladies with thin bodies always have the urge to appear wide by using dress flexibility. In such a case, the idea to use horizontal stripes comes handy.

But from the point of view of aesthetics, horizontal stripes do not look well. Also, it makes you look odd, clumsy, and out of style.

It’s best to stick with classic silhouettes if you want to appear a little curvy and wide. But using stripes will never serve you well, and maybe, you can become a laughingstock after your appearance for weeks to come.


Using Hefty Price Tag Wardrobe to Look Classy

It is a general perception that to appear classy, you have to include pricey wardrobes in your collection and use them whenever you can.

But expensive wardrobes do not guarantee you the class that you want to belong to.

It’s the sense of style and combination of all elements in your wardrobe in the right proportion that creates a beautiful look.

That’s why don’t run towards expensive wardrobes.

But choose your pick by passing it through a critical aesthetic criterion. So, you can avoid fashion blunders.

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Neglecting Mixing Prints Because You Don’t Like It

Many ladies think that mixing prints makes you look cheap.


But that is not true.

It’s a misconception, and one of the fashion blunders.

Mixing prints actually look sophisticated and give you a fresh look.

That’s why it’s a better idea to include mixing prints in your wardrobe for vibrant events when you want to grab attention without striving too hard.

Using Gold and Silver Separately Without Mixing Them

Generally, ladies never mix gold and silver jewelry on one event because it is not common.

But it can really give you the right attention that you deserve.

That’s why use gold and silver jewelry together at high-stakes parties and events.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Your personality will take a higher path, and you’ll impress people.

Never Wearing White

Ladies always wear white on Labor Day and never use that dress again in public.

It’s because it is a general concept that white gives you a widow look.

But wearing white in public gives you a sophisticated style, and your personality appears commanding without arrogance.

That’s why include white in your public dresses and enjoy its benefits while avoiding fashion blunders.

Wearing Snickers at Parties Without Wearing Leather

Snickers are comfortable shoes, but parties and events demand a high level of sophistication.

If you wear snickers at parties, people will think that you are not following public protocols.

So, use regular shoes at parties.

However, if you want to wear leather at events, then snickers will be the right choice.


Now, you know seven common fashion blunders that can make you a laughingstock in public. So, avoid than at any cost. You’ll do fine.

Remember, you can create unique fashion ideas and choices anytime you want.

But some things are always blunders that can ruin your image.

So, avoid all blunders mentioned above.

Have a great day!

By Aleem Ahmad

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