7 Best of DJ Khaled Jordans Closet and other Fancy Shoes

DJ Khaled best Jordans set
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There are few names as prominent as DJ Khaled, when it comes to the world of sneakers. Known for his larger–than–life persona and extravagant lifestyle, the music mogul has built an impressive collection of high-end shoes. In this article, we will explore into the quality and style of DJ Khaled’s 7 iconic Jordan shoes, along with other fancy footwear in his closet.

1. Air Jordan 3 ‘’Grateful’’: DJ Khaled Jordans

Air Jordan 3 ‘’Grateful ‘’ is one of the most recognized shoes in DJ Khaled’s closet. It’s designed in collaboration with Nike, this shoe pays homage to Khaled’s 2017 album,’’ Grateful’’. Featuring a bold red suede upper with black accents and gold detailing, this limited-edition sneaker embodies opulence exclusively.

 Best of DJ Khaled Jordans

2. Air Jordan 4 ‘’ Bred’’

This one holds a special place in DJ Khaled’s collection. Released in 2019, this iconic sneaker features a timeless black and red colorway, making it a versatile and sought-after piece. Crafted with premium materials the Air Jordan 4’’Bred’’ boast exceptional comfort and durability, aligning with Khaled’s dedication to quality.

3. Air Jordan 5 ‘’ Raging Bull’’: DJ Khaled Jordans

This Air Jordan is known for his love of vibrant colors, DJ Khaled’s closet wouldn’t be complete without it. This shoe showcases a bold red suede upper, inspired by the ferocity of a raging bull.

4. Air Jordan 6 ‘’DMP’’

When it comes to DMP DJ Khaled is no longer to Luxury and exemplifies his affinity for opulent footwear. Released as part of the ‘’ Defining Moments pack’’, this shoe features a sleek black and gold color scheme.

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5. Air Jordan 8 ‘’Cigar and Champagne’’

This Jordan pack showcases DJ Khaled’s appreciation for the finer things in life. Released in 2025, this collection pays tribute to Michael Jordan’s championship celebrations. The’’Cigar’’ colorway features a rich brown leather upper, while the ‘’Champagne’’ version boats a pristine white and gold combination.

DJ Khaled best Jordans set

6. Air Jordan 11 ‘’Concord’’ : DJ Khaled Jordans

No sneaker collection would be complete without the Air Jordan 11 ‘’Concord’’. DJ Khaled’s closet includes this iconic shoe, recognized for its clean white upper and patent leather detailing.

7. Air Jordan 13’’ He got Game’’

Inspired by the basketball film ‘’He Got Game ‘’. The Air Jordan 13 ‘’He Got Game’’ holds a special place in Dj Khaled’s heart. With its sleek black and white colorway and signature holographic bubble.


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