7 Best Native Deodorant Scents for Sensitive Skin

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Native Deodorant: Native offers a range of delightful scents that cater to sensitive skin needs. Here we will explore the 7 best Native deodorant scents that are kind to your skin and also keep you smelling fresh all day long.

1. Coconut & Vanilla: Native Deodorant

Native’s coconut and vanilla deodorant is a fan favorite. For those who love a tropical, sweet aroma, this scent is perfect. With notes of coconut, vanilla, and a hint of shea butter, this deodorant will keep you feeling fresh and confident.

Coconut & Vanilla: Native Deodorant

2. Lavender & Rose:

Native’s Lavender and Rose deodorant is an excellent choice if you prefer a more floral scent. The addition of rose adds a touch of elegance and sweetness to the blend. Providing long-lasting protection against odor, this scent is gentle on the skin.

3. Cucumber & Mint: Native Deodorant

Cucumber & Mint is a top Pick for a crisp and invigorating scent. For those who want a clean and revitalizing fragrance, this combination of cool cucumber and refreshing mint is perfect. The natural ingredients in this deodorant help soothe sensitive skin.

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4. Cotton & Lily:

To those who prefer a subtle, clean scent, Native’s Cotton & Lily deodorant is a light and airy option. Creating a fragrance that feels like a breath of fresh air, combines the freshness of cotton with the delicate aroma of lily. Providing reliable protection against odor, the formula is gentle on sensitive skin.

5. Eucalyptus & Mint: Native Deodorant

Making it an excellent choice for deodorant, Eucalyptus has natural antibacterial properties. Native’s Eucalyptus & Mint scent combines the invigorating scent of eucalyptus with the coolness of mint. This deodorant keeps you feeling fresh and also soothes sensitive skin making it an excellent option for those with skin sensitive skin.

Eucalyptus & Mint: Native Deodorant

6. Unscented:

The best choice for sensitive skin is no scent at all sometimes. Without any added fragrance, Native offers an Unscented deodorant that provides the same effective odor protection without any added fragrance. For those who have allergies to certain scents or prefer a fragrance-free product, this option is perfect.

7. Charcoal: Native Deodorant

Consider Native’s charcoal option if you are looking for a unique twist on deodorant scents. Charcoal has gained popularity in skincare products due to its ability to absorb impurities and toxins.


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