7 Best Colours to Pair with a Green Blouse: Enhance Your Style!

Best Colours to Pair with a Green Blouse

A green blouse is a beautiful choice. When it comes to fashion, we must all agree that colours are as important as life itself! Selecting the right colour combination can either make or break your entire outfit. For instance, choosing the right colours for a green blouse may prove somehow difficult but this article will act as a guide in your entire journey. As we all know, green is a very versatile and refreshing colour that can go with a number of colour shades to create that stunning look fit for any occasion. In this exclusive blog, let’s take a look at some of the best colours that you can pair with a green blouse:

1. Classic white: Green Blouse

White is a timeless colour that can go perfectly with a green blouse. White beautifully complements the freshness of a green blouse and thus creates that elegant look you need. Go for either a pair of white trousers or a skirt for formal or casual events.

Best Colours to Pair with a Green Blouse

2. Vibant Yellow:

Yellow will definitely add a pop of brightness to your outfit. This combo is good for summer and spring times, bringing you the joy you deserve. Yellow accessories such as earrings and necklaces make your green blouse to be outstanding.

3. Chic Navy Blue: Green Blouse

This is for the few but classy ladies who what a sophisticated look. Pairing a green blouse with a navy blue outfit is a perfect choice. The deep blue outfit will provide a refined contrast to the green blouse and thus creating a professional ensemble for the workplace.

Best Colours to Pair with a Green Blouse sexy

4. Soft Pink:

Who wants a more feminine and romantic look? This is best for you. Soft pink has been known to combine wonderfully with some green. It balances the vibrancy of the green thus resulting in an elegant combination.

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5. Earthy brown colour: Green Blouse

Pairly brown with a green blouse is a heavenly choice. The shades of brown colour bring a warm aesthetic. Do consider some brown trousers and a leather jacket to complement the green blouse.

6. Timeless black:

Black is beautiful. When it appears in pants, a pencil skirt or a little black dress paired with a green blouse, the results are outstanding. Try it today.


7. Bold red: Green Blouse

The combination of red and green results in a striking combination that is eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Create that powerful outfit using the green and red combination.


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