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No decent ensemble would be complete without accessories. They serve the same functions as butter, béarnaise sauce, and olives in martinis. You understand. However, it’s not always clear whether or not any of these fashion accessories will be a wise investment (we’re looking at you, bottle opener belt buckle, and piano key tie). Fortunately, history has reduced some of the need for trial and error, as there is a good likelihood that something will continue to look nice if it did 50 years ago. These are the men’s accessories that are always in fashion.


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Few things benefit a man more than a good pair of sunglasses. Glasses are instantly associated with classic movie stars like Steve McQueen because they are attractive, useful, and adept at camouflaging dark circles when necessary. That the most popular styles haven’t changed much over the years is telling. (chronofhorse.com) Traditional favorites that flatter various facial types include aviators, wayfarers, and club masters. Although there is widespread agreement that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, changes to these tried-and-true concepts are more than welcome. Given that a good pair of sunglasses will last a lifetime, don’t be reluctant to make them an investment.


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With the flick of a smartwatch, purchasing a pint is now simple. The billfold wallet’s continued popularity as a fashionable accessory speaks much about it. A leather wallet is a helpful companion that will continue to work long after the company has stopped receiving cash. It is molded to the shapes of its contents and has aged to perfection over time. Due of this, many men decide to have their initials imprinted on their notepads, indicating their determination to preserve the item forever even if the contents don’t last the month.


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A stainless steel timepiece, the subtle, unfussy relative of the gold watch, can last not only one lifetime but even numerous if passed down through subsequent generations. The material is both attractive and strong and originates in the manufacture of guns. It also looks equally at home with a T-shirt and pair of chinos as it does with a suit and tie. When someone asks what time it is, genuinely fashionable men will still gaze at their steeled wrists, even fifty years from now, when contact lenses with clock faces and most retinas with calendars will be commonplace.


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A nice belt does more than keep your pants up; it completes an outfit. A good cowhide belt will remain fashionable long after other accessories have become outdated, whether it serves as the much-needed separation between the top and bottom half of an outfit for tall men or a subtly stylish complement to leather Derbies. Always go for the best you can buy when choosing between brown, black, or (better still) one of each. You wouldn’t want to be forced out of your seat by a brittle replica piece as this thing will hold your pants for a long time. You’ll also be well served by subtle, traditional buckles in raw metallic tones.


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The accessory, which has been a staple of the suit since about the 1920s, may elevate any formal outfit. The white pocket square has been worn by famous people throughout history, including Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, Tom Ford, and Daniel Craig (and all ages). Any mood or message you want to communicate may probably be done with a pattern or print. The serene confidence that an uncomplicated white version conveys, however, speaks eloquently at every occasion, from black-tie events to weddings.


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The ideal accessory, in many respects, is a scarf. In the colder months, they can be utilized to block piercing winds, while in the warmer months, they can give a splash of color and demonstrate your mastery of layering to any lapel or neckline. Tartan, which is rarely worn (outside of Scotland, at least), is one of the best patterns for a man’s wardrobe. The check can contrast and enhance other components of a larger ensemble due to the combination of numerous colors in a single weave. Because of the enormous variety of checks available, a tartan neckpiece can also appeal to a wide range of men: bright red and black for a cutting-edge, startling look; deep greens and blues for a classic, preppy vibe.


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The ideal material to wrap your hands in is leather because of its silky, skin-like qualities. Leather gloves offer dexterity, durability, warmth, and comfort—a far cry from the clunky woolen mittens of childhood—especially when lined with cashmere. Because of their subtle athletic roots (think driving gloves), leather gloves have a sleeker, dapper feel than their woolen cousins. They may be worn with formal attire as well as chunkier winter battle gear.

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