6 Top Celebrity-Inspired Tribal Braids Hairstyle Looks to Copy

Rihanna's feed-in tribal braids
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Tribal Braids hairstyles have been emulated by a number of top celebrities across the world. The braids styles are not only stylish but also a very trendy and fashionable choice that is aimed at making a cultural statement. With time, the tribal braids hairstyle has become increasingly popular, especially among celebrities who showcased their style on various red carpets and social media handles. If you are looking for some celebrity-inspired hairstyles especially the tribal braids, then here are some of the top-braids looks to copy from your favorite stars. Take a look:

1.: Tribal Braids hairstyles

Beyonce is the queen of looks as she has constantly mastered the art of iconic hairstyles. She has often featured long, thin braids and has often adorned them with various fancy accessories such as beads and cowrie shells. This is a stunning combination of glamour and cultural heritage and is outstanding for any occasion.

Tribal Braids hairstyles Beyonce

2. zendaya’s Triangle Tribal braids:

As mentioned in my previous posts, Zendaya is a beauty and fashion trendsetter who has often made statements with her impeccable styles. She has been spotted with triangular tribal braids, making them a very popular choice for young ladies aiming at copying her style.

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3. Rihanna’s feed-in tribal braids: Tribal Braids hairstyles

Known for her fearless and edgy fashion style, Rihanna is no doubt a fashion gem. She has been featured rocking in braids that vary from thick to gradually adding extensions for a more natural look. Her braids are very versatile and thus come in different lengths and patterns allowing for endless creativity. Try it today and showcase your style too.

Rihanna's feed-in tribal braids

4. Lupita Nyong’o’s knotted Tribal braids:

Lupita is celebrated for her very unique and bold style that has earned her a top place among the most renowned fashion icons. She often opts for very knotless braids that are a testament to the versatility of the tribal braids. Lupits showcased that the braids are both elegant and fashion-forward.

5. Alicia Key’s cornrow tribal braids:

Alicia is known for her natural beauty and her cornrow tribal braids are very famous. She often rocks in cornrows braided close to the scalp. Alicia Key’s cornrow tribal braids are such a timeless fashion choice that shows confidence and grace.

6. Solange’s boxed tribal braids: Tribal Braids hairstyles

Her boxed tribal braids perfectly reflect her very unique style that has been loved by many across the world. Through the boxed tribal braids, she has managed to create a neat and geometric pattern that has enhanced the visual appeal of her beauty.


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