6 Tips on Casual Sunday Outfits for Church

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Hello fashionistas, it’s been such a while, right? Yeah, things have been a bit hectic over here, and with school and projects, urgh it’s a lot. Also, guys, yesterday was my birthday, and woosh, it was terrific. That is why I am here today with another inspiration for today’s discussion. So, today, we’ll discuss something I sometimes have an issue with because it is very tricky and important. The church also conveys a lot about you to people by applying the term “the way you dress is the way you’d be addressed.” I’m rambling (lol), anyways, our topic is gonna talk about 6 tips on casual Sunday outfits for church.

Why Sunday outfits for church?

Casual Sunday outfits for church

I have met quite a number of people who believe that coming to church is the perfect excuse. To do what? To wear clothes that have been in their closets for a long time. They think they can just lazily pick out an outfit despite the efforts they put into what they’d wear during the week. I think it’s wrong to assume there is no fashion in modesty or in the church. However, there are others who do not know how to combine outfits into one that speaks confidently about you.

If you follow my blogs, you’d know I’m in love with whatever outfit speaks to comfort, but comfort can also be found in confidence. Some people, however, do not know what to wear or how to wear their outfits when coming to church. And so, today we’ll be bridging that gap and solving that mystery. What can I wear to church? I do not have formal wear, what casual outfits can I try out?

What Can I Wear to Church?

When talking about casual outfits, it doesn’t necessarily have to be English prints but also Ankara, Adire, etc. So, here are a few guidelines to note when picking out an outfit for church.

1. Be mindful of the length:

Okay, so I’m an usher in my fellowship and I see a lot of people right? And some of these people (females especially) do not appreciate modesty in regard to length. When choosing an outfit for church, not even Sundays now but anytime you go to church, whatever dress you wear, should cover your knees. I mean, c’mon, what is the real reason you come to church if what your dress connotes is to make the eyes of the guys deflect?

Okay, guys, I know you may be angry with me (meh) but when we come to church let’s focus, right? Lol, what I’m trying to say is that the way we ladies carry ourselves should be with such dignity and confidence because damn, we are queens and a queen should value modesty.

2. Nothing wrong with a high neckline

When it comes to choosing a church outfit, it is always safer to go for high necklines because you can be confident that no one is looking at you like a piece of meat. Now this is not just for ladies but for the guys as well because, damn, have you seen a guy styling a turtle neck outfit before? They look so good and smart. There are a lot of shirts, tops, and gowns that have high necklines and make it chic, and beautiful to accessorize and style.

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For example, wearing a turtle neck top tucked into a knee-length flared skirt makes one look so chic and elegant. It can be paired with whatever shoe you’re comfortable with and trust me, even sneakers would look good on it.

Or it can be a buttoned-up shirt, and any skirt of your choice styled with a scarf on your hair or neck. It could even be a fitted round neck paired with pleated skirts and canvas for comfort. I mean, there is a lot you can pair with high necklines and still look as stylish, chic, elegant, and beautiful as ever.

3. Don’t shy away from belts


Belts are like a touch of elegance to a casual outfit. I bought this wide leather waist belt and use it as a belt. Honestly, I don’t know how to explain it better, but it is amazing. Belts aren’t just good because they keep up with what should be going down (lol, get it?). But also because they make casual outfits feel fancy. So, last week Sunday, I added a wide black leather belt to the ankle-length gown I wore to church.

Wearing belts on dresses or skirts and top combos can be paired with jackets and sneakers, boots to give a more upbeat look.

4. Throw on a jacket

Now one of the coolest things about going casual is comfort but also when you add a jacket to it… It makes you look mysteriously casual. Denim jackets are one of the most common jackets for any kind of dress. We are in the spring season and so the wind is cool, and the weather is embracive, so why not switch things up with a jacket? It doesn’t have to be denim, be creative.


For example: wearing a flared gown and pairing it with a cashmere jacket. Or you can be more creative by pairing a plain gown of any color with an Ankara print bomber jacket. Denim jackets, cashmere jackets, and leather jackets are some of the cool casual jackets to add to your outfit for church. It could even be kimono outfits.

5. Accessorize

Accessories are very cool and the way you style them can make your outfit look better. Scarves, berets, pieces of jewelry, hats, headpieces, etc., are all examples of accessories that spice up your outfits. Now, personally, I love simple signature bracelets and necklaces because it’s like silently screaming “Don’t mess with me”. Lol, just joking though. You do not need to overdo it, simplicity is confident and elegant. For guys, Accessories are like a statement piece that tells your mood, and a bit about you.


6. Comfy shoes

One thing about casual wear is shoes. Personally, I think even if you wanna be casual, you can wear whatever shoes you wanna wear. It could be sneakers, sandals, mules, heels, ballet flats, etc. You just need to know what to combine it with. Going to church should be about the service but you also need to have something comfy when dancing. Honestly, I love dancing in my fellowship and the local church, so I always make an effort to wear flats, sneakers, and wedges. These three can go with almost any casual outfit. There are at least 6 must-have women’s casual shoes, that we can choose from.

Okay folks, I’ve got some work to do but I hope with these few points of mine, I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that being modest is cool. Going to church should not just encompass our long-lost forgotten clothes, but even according to trends, seasons, and styles. Now please, don’t forget to like, comment, and share. Oh and don’t forget my books, people.

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