6 Tips For Wearing Pink If You’re Over 50

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STYLE Specialists SAY YOU CAN Rock THIS Pink Color AT Whatever stage in life.

Whether your attribute it to the way that Pantone picked Viva Magenta as its Shade of the Year or that the Barbiecore stylish has gone completely popular thanks to the upcoming much-advertised film, there’s no denying that pink is. Also, is that any amazement? This hue is playful, generally complimenting, and immediately lights up any outfit. What’s more, you don’t need to miss out on wearing pink if you’re over 50.

“Pink is a power color that represents strength, uniqueness, and a zest for life,” explains Traci Jeske, founder of En Vogue Stylist. She says it’s a particularly extraordinary color for older women since “pink has a mystical capacity to restore and elevate our general appearance, adding a hint of energy to our looks.”

That said, wearing pink could feel threatening if you tend to avoid vibrant hues. That is the reason we counseled Jeske and other style specialists to get their best tips on wearing pink if you’re over 50. Continue to peruse all their recommendation.

Require the season into account.

pink dress
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As per Huber, quite possibly the best thing about pink is that you can wear it all year. The key is to find the right shade of pink for each season.

In the fall, choose warm and gritty pinks that have a comfortable energy like rosewood and flavored coral. Winter calls for cool, striking pinks like bubblegum and sangria. As the flowers bloom in springtime, you should go after vaporous and sensational pinks like peach and flamingo — and when the temperatures climb come summer, settle on muffled as well as bright neutral cool pinks like azalea and soft orchid.

Start with accessories.

if you’re new to wearing pink, Jeske says accessories are an incredible spot to start. For instance, you could pop on a pink scarf, belt, statement necklace, purse, or pair of pumps.

“These pops of color can in a split second revive your look and bring an energetic energy,” Jeske tells Best Life.

Melony Huber, a global fashion, material, and design stylist and founder of La Peony Clothing, says even a Panama overflow cap with pink ribbon detailing, or pink sewing in a sneaker or sandal, can add life to your outfit.

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While going on this course, try sporting a neutral outfit — say, a basic navy and white dress, dim sweater, or dark jumpsuit — so your intense pink accessories can stand out.

Experiment with different shades.


pink inner shirt
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From dusty rose to daring magenta, there are vast shades of pink to browse. Make certain to investigate the full range to find one that suits your complexion and individual style, says Jeske. if you don’t know which pink is ideal for you, you should counsel an expert beautician or finish a color analysis.

Consider the intensity.


pink top

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This tint also arrives in a wide range, from delicate pastels to more extravagant shades of hot pink.

“Consider your own style and the event for which you’re choosing the color,” says Jeske. “Gentler shades can make a more subtle and female look, while bolder shades can say something and add a pop of variety to your outfit.”

Remember that bolder, more brilliant pinks will generally draw more attention— which can be a positive or negative thing, contingent upon the occasion you’re joining in and what sort of energy you’re meaning to ooze.

Embrace designs.

Embrace designs. 
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Strong pink pieces might feel too courageous when you’re initially beginning to mix the color into your closet. That is the reason Jeske suggests messing with pink examples — like polka dots, stripes, and florals — which add a touch of this bright tint without overpowering your look.


When you feel happy with shaking a scarf or cardigan in a pink print, you can begin choosing an eye-getting outfit in a head-to-toe pink example.

Pay attention to your gut feelings.

Pay attention to your gut feelings.
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“Design is ultimately about self-articulation, and certainty is vital to pulling off any color,” says Jeske. “Pay attention to your gut feelings and don pink in a manner that lines up with your own style and causes you to feel fantastic.”

So, focus on how particular shades of pink cause you to feel. If a specific pink gets your attention, lifts your state of mind, or makes you strut with a little more self-assurance it’s reasonably the ideal decision for you.

One more simple method to find the ideal shade for you, says Jeske, is to take a look at celebrities who have comparative shading to yours and get motivation from their pink outfits.

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