6 Times When Should Take Off Your Wedding / Engagement Ring

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Jewelry is a prized possession and in a few cases even the most sentimental thing that a person cherishes as an heirloom of ancestors or as a token of love from a soulmate. Talking about a wedding engagement ring, it is indeed one of those few pieces of jewelry that carry a very special significance in the life of those bonded by the strands of love and the eternal commitment of marriage.

Since it is a piece of jewelry that is worn every day, it is vulnerable to scratches and weathering. Be it a silver wedding engagement ring or one made of gold, to keep your one-of-a-kind jewel safe and forever shining, you need to be extra sensitive while handling it.

a diamond wedding/engagement ring
a diamond wedding/engagement ring

When to Take off Your Wedding / Engagement Ring?

Jewelry care is not only about cleaning your jewelry regularly but also making sure that it does not chip or scratch, especially when it is something that you wear every day such as your wedding or engagement ring. There are multiple instances every day when you wonder whether you should keep on wearing your ring or take it off. Well, by the end of this article, we hope many of these issues cluttering your mind will be cleared. So, let’s get started with the tips on when to take off your wedding/engagement ring set.

While You Go to Bed

If you are wearing a tight ring or you experience swelling in your joints at night time then it’s best to remove your ring from your finger before going to bed. Moreover, if your ring is made of gemstones that score low on the Mohs hardness scale then taking off your ring will ensure that the fragile gemstone does not have to endure your body pressure while you sleep.

Alternatively, it might be possible for your ring to get tangled with your hair or with the loose strands of your bedding which can make matters worse at times. And don’t forget, if you have a metal allergy then hours of inactivity can cause your finger to sweat leading to an allergic reaction.

While Doing Laborious Jobs

If you are going to lift some weight or indulge in activities that require hand contact then it’s better to take off your delicate darling before it’s too late. Laborious jobs may include playing sports, working out in a gym, doing household chores, fixing things, etc. Keep your rings on your finger while doing any of these jobs and you are bound to regret the scratches, chipping, or loosening of ring setting over time or at once and for all. For instance, natural emerald wedding rings are most prone to breaking due to the presence of a large number of inclusions in natural emerald gemstones.

While Taking a Shower or Swimming

Wearing your sparkling ring in a soapy shower is a risk that can eventually cause deep regret. Hence, keeping your sparkling ring under wraps while bathing will be in its best interest. It will not only prevent the risk of losing the ring after applying slippery soap but will also protect your stone’s luster from getting dim from acidic solutions.

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Ever imagined what if your precious ring gets off your finger while you are enjoying swimming in a big pool or surfing on a beach? Needless to say, if you accidentally drop your ring, all your dreams will be engulfed by an ocean current before you even realize it. Moreover, chlorine-rich pool water and ocean saltwater can damage the ring metal or create a film on the gemstone which is not at all news to crack jokes about.

an emerald wedding/engagement ring
an emerald wedding/engagement ring

While Applying Makeup

Applying makeup and beauty products is one of the most favorite everyday rituals for several women. But be aware of doing this with your wedding/engagement ring on since the chemicals used in beauty lotions, oils, sunscreen, moisturizers, etc. are rivals of every piece of jewelry you wear, let alone your ring.

So every time you are up for a touch-up, make sure you put away your ring as well as any other piece of jewelry you are wearing. Put your jewelry back on only after you are completely done with your makeup without any residue left to stick on your jewelry.

While Cleaning or Doing Dishes

Cleaning can be as easy as wiping off the dust from the kitchen countertop and it can also be as rigorous as rubbing off the rust from unattended metal objects. Such a tough cleaning job requires using cleaning agents that contain harsh chemicals. So, just like you need to wear rubber gloves before cleaning to protect your hands, your ring also needs to keep a distance from such activity.

Keep this rule clear, take off your ring before indulging in any sort of cleaning. Similarly, if you want to prevent your ring from going down the drain of your kitchen sink while you are busy doing dishes, make sure you put it away before it’s already too late to pull the ring rescue operation.

While Cooking in the Kitchen

Your ring may encounter different challenges while you work in the kitchen with spices and oil or while you make dishes involving meat or other poultry products. Similarly, your kitchen is home to dangerous equipment such as microwave ovens and sharp knives that may be at odds with your super delicate rings. So, it’s better to take off your rings before you go to the kitchen and prepare a feast.

a blue sapphire wedding/engagement ring
a blue sapphire wedding/engagement ring

Parting Thoughts

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