6 Timeless Fashion Tips for Ladies in 2024

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Happy New Year fashionation! I have been eating, sleeping, watching movies, and praying since we entered the new year (lol.). I’ve also been thinking about my closet and the latest trends. I’d have to say that what I see on walkways is not what I can wear daily. So, today, we’ll discuss 6 timeless fashion tips for ladies in 2024.

What are hacks of fashion?

These tips are more like hacks into having a healthy fashion life this 2024. Now, I know that we usually align our styles to what we see on walkways. However, we should also try to make these trends practical by embracing them in our daily outfits. I say this because I can’t imagine myself wearing a see-through sheer gown without appropriate undergarments. Instead, I’d rather wear a sleeveless singlet under a black sheer top and pair it with black jeans or a full black skirt. Remember, I always emphasize comfort and moderacy. So majorly these fashion tips for ladies are to find a way to connect the runway to our daily fashion.

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6 Timeless Fashion Tips for Ladies in 2024

Here are some timeless fashion tips and hacks that are generally useful and can be adapted to various trends. Keep in mind that fashion is subjective, and personal style plays a significant role. Here are some general fashion tips for ladies:

1. Know your fashion style/language

As I said, fashion is subjective which means personal. therefore, one must first know what they want before they figure out how to get it.  For example, I know that I enjoy comfort in my outfits, so, with that knowledge I’d always go for clothes that won’t give me stress. You can start by knowing your body shape. I’m pear-shaped and so, I always practicalize a fashion trend according to my shape. For example; high-rise trousers are trending this year. Since I prefer comfort and trends, I’d pair high-waisted palazzo trousers with a body con top and flat mule shoes.

6 Timeless Fashion Tips for Ladies in 2024    6 Timeless Fashion Tips for Ladies in 2024    

Lemme share something. About a week before Christmas, I went shopping with my mum. She wanted to use her birthday money to buy shoes and bags for her collection. My mum loves silver and gold for both her shoes and purses. So, we went to my mum’s favorite shop but they didn’t have her size or what she liked.

Now, my mum has high feet, like the top of her feet is a bit high and so we always go for shoes that cover the front of her feet. We went from shop to shop looking for shoes that would fit my mum’s comfort description. Fortunately, we found a shop that had exactly what she wanted and she didn’t have to go for anything that would make her legs ache.

My point is that knowing your fashion style makes you confident whenever you choose your outfit to wear. I would suggest we read a post I published a while back on “How to define your fashion style“. It really helps to give you an idea and clarity on what you would want as a fashionista.

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2. Tailoring

If there is anything I like about fashion, it is a good tailor. You can sew any outfit you desire, whether it follows the trends or not by just having a good tailor. I prefer my outfit tailor-sewn 85% of the time. I would rather buy the materials and dump them in my tailor’s hands and allow her to make outfits that suit me. One of the reasons why I prefer tailoring is because of my height. I’m petite (I don’t wanna say short, haha) and so I like my outfits to make me look chic and a bit taller. who says it’s only Ankara and lace you give tailors?

Although, it isn’t cheap, having outfits sewn to your taste would last longer. It even gives room for expansion and slim-fitting. I would always slim-fit my outfits because of how university stress reduces me (lol). Also, you don’t think Prada and Dolce and Gabbana get thrift clothes and put them on the runway, do you? They make their clothes… So who says tailor-sewn outfits aren’t a trend? Also, the tailors also know how to give great fashion tips for ladies so that they aren’t left out of the trends just because they want tailor-sew outfits.

3. Accessorize

Accessories are one fashion hack that would never run out of emphasis. Putting extra little details on your outfits shows your personality and fashion style. Whether they are watches, beads, bracelets, bows, hats, glasses, or whatever, they tell us a little more about you. Do you know that men tend to notice the little things when they like you? (wink). I saw it on marraige.com lol. Accessories can transform a simple outfit.

According to Glamour, one of the trends for 2024 is bows and a lot of girl-core accessories. I think I’ll make the most of bows as my 2024 feminine fashion style. Now, who says we can’t accessorize our outfits? Bows can be the theme of your outfit just like the runways but more low-key to daily attire. Or we can stick to external accessories such as hair bows, bow ties, etc. Other accessories that would trend according to the runways are hippie-dippie woven bags, wide corset belts or statement belts, silver bags, black ties, giant flower accessories, layered chains and so much more.

                         pinterest ALESSANDRO VIERO / GORUNWAY.COM Hermès


4. Minimalist monochromatic ensembles

I honestly didn’t understand the meaning of monochromatic outfits until recently. The joy of being able to wear the same color from head to toe or the shade of the same color is outstanding. To make it better, it’s TRENDING. According to The Guardian Life, minimalist monochromatic ensembles are, as they say, in the spirit of new beginnings.

What I mean by minimalist monochromatic ensembles are more subtle colors like white, baby pink, light green (since green is trending), sky blue, wine, and brown…

5. Thrift Shopping

The world of thriftwear is an exciting place. Why? Because we get to explore outfits at affordable prices. The fact that these thrift vendors are everywhere makes things even easier because what you can’t get in one place, you get somewhere else. Just because they are thrift doesn’t mean they aren’t quality. In fact, some thrift outfits and accessories last even longer. If you’re looking to save more money this year, then I’d suggest you go for thrift wear.


6. Comfort and Information

When it comes to some fashion tips for ladies, I always emphasize comfort. It is always important to stay informed about the different trends. Some of you may know the story but in 2023, my sister would open my wardrobe and begin to tell me that my clothes are so old. And because she is a more entertainment-inclined person, she would proceed to tell me how to style my outfits according to the trends. This is weird because I’m always the one writing about the trends (laughs). I prefer comfort over any fashion outfit and so I make it my goal to transform fashion trends into my own comfort trends.

Fashion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Find clothing that not only looks good but feels good to wear. Comfortable fashion is a trend that never goes out of style. Keep yourself updated on current fashion trends through magazines, fashion blogs, and social media. However, don’t feel pressured to follow every trend—choose the ones that resonate with your personal style.

Remember, that fashion is a means of expressing oneself, so go ahead and try new things and have fun with your sense of style. The most important thing is to feel good about yourself and at ease in your clothes.

In conclusion

That brings me to the end of today’s edition from yours truly. I may have done fashion tips for ladies this time, but maybe I’d do for the guys… what do you guys (men) think, lol.  Also, I would like everyone to know that I have another blog that is more personal, and would love it if we could check it out. It’s called the Writer’s Den. The link is: https://daytodaywithtoyoblog.wordpress.com/

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Later Fashionistas…

God bless you guys (wink)

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