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Thrift stores are slowly gaining more recognition and we love it! Thrift stores are great for shopping when on a budget. Also, helping mother Earth as we a literally reusing clothes and moving toward sustainability!

For those of you that don’t know what thrift stores are; A thrift store typically sells gently used clothing, furniture, and other stuff at a discounted rate. It is a great way of giving those old items s new life!


Fabulous clothes at lower prices!


There are so many choices to choose from in thrift stores. You can find so many branded clothes under one roof, all together! Not to mention at discounted rates!


Unique Clothes and styles that you may not find elsewhere!


A Thrift store has so many pieces that are very unique! If you are lucky enough you might hit a jackpot and find some vintage items! All of these clothes are old and hence there is a very low chance that someone else will have the same piece.


You support a small business without hurting your wallet

Most of these thrift stores are small businesses. And we love supporting a small business, and that too on affordable prices; It’s a win-win.

Some of the small business thrift stores you might want to check out are: snazzythriftt, lulu_thrift, thriftiness.in , and many more!


Good for the environment as this avoids wastage


Shopping at thrift store slow down the demand for new clothes, manufacturing, producing, packaging, and distributing new clothes takes a lot of energy and water. Also, disposing of unwanted clothing also takes a toll on the environment! By choosing to buy second-hand clothing instead of brand new, you reduce waste and help the planet.


You can shop guilt-free

Knowing that you are supporting so many good causes definitely reduces all the guilt you get while shopping!


Find your next DIY  project

The next time you go shopping from a thrift store, keep your next DIY project in mind. You can elevate the look of these old pieces with just a pinch of creativity.


Thrifting is not only trendy but is also beneficial for everyone involved. From unique and pocket-friendly thrift store finds to supporting the environment and small businesses, we love thrift stores!

Blog by: Priya Grover

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