6 Reasons to Buy a Sapphire Engagement Ring

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There are innumerable engagement ring styles offered by designers and online retailers, but one style has remained both unique and desired. You can’t possibly go wrong with a sapphire engagement ring and here is why.

1. They are extremely sought after

Some of the most famous engagement rings in History have been sapphire engagement rings. From Penelope Cruz’s vintage sapphire ring to Victoria Beckham’s solitaire sapphire ring, Hollywood Royalty has always favored sapphire engagement rings. They probably took the cue from actual Royalty, as Princess Diana’s 12-carat oval-cut blue Ceylon sapphire ring is the most famous piece of jewelry in the past century. The ring is now worn by Diana’s daughter-in-law. Recently, the Princess of York carried on the tradition and picked out an oval cut padparadscha (a pinkish-orange sapphire) as the center stone of her engagement ring.

2. The sapphire engagement ring is tough

In 1812 Friedrich Mohs developed the Mohs scale of mineral hardness to assess how tough various gemstones really are. Diamonds score a perfect ten as the hardest gemstones known to man. Sapphires are ranked just below diamonds with a solid score of 9. Being the second-highest gemstone isn’t bad at all. Sapphires’ high durability makes them a suitable option for an engagement ring as those are worn very often (if not daily). The chances of your sapphire engagement ring getting damaged are very low.

3. Wide range of colors

If you choose sapphire, your engagement ring can also be something old and something blue. But blue isn’t the only color option. Sapphires have a rich color pallet that ranges from fiery red to ethereal white. Pink and yellow sapphires in particular have been trending as center stones for engagement rings, bringing even more fame to sapphire engagement rings.

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4. Every sapphire engagement ring is unique

If uniqueness is a parameter by which you are judging engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings should be very high on your list. Even if you look at sapphires within the same color family, each crystal will have different levels of saturation and inclusions. Depending on these characteristics, not only do the quality and prices vary but suitable cuts for the stone are also decided on.

5. Sapphire engagement ring is very rare

High-quality sapphires are incredibly rare. In fact, they are much rarer than diamonds. Diamonds embellish every type of jewelry and are available extensively around the world. The prices of diamonds have remained high by manipulation of demand and supply and intensive marketing. On the other hand, Sapphires are being mined heavily but their deposits aren’t as abundant. Therefore, a natural, untreated sapphire engagement ring is a lucrative investment opportunity.

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6. Astrological benefits

Blue sapphires are believed to have various astrological benefits. They shun negative energy that can engender evil. Blue sapphires are also known for blocking out fears in an individual making them mentally stronger and more confident. Sapphire was revered as the ‘Royal protector’ because members of Royal houses believed the gemstone protected them from the envy and ill-will of others. People continue to believe that sapphire has the power to protect them.

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