6 Of The Best Celebrity Courtroom Fits!

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These courtroom fits are so insane they should have been on trial. When you are a high-profile celebrity, everything you do gets noticed, especially when it comes to legal scandals. Celebrities on trial have always had to look their best as the world watches them.

With that, here are 6 of the best celebrity courtroom fits, and number 1 is the juicer than the verdict.

6 of the best celebrity courtroom fits!

6. Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie courtroom fits

Rapper and influencer Bhad Bhabie rose to fame in 2016 after the clips of her on the show Dr. Phil went viral. the then 13-year-old became famous for her outrageous personality. But she ran into trouble with the law in 2017 when she was accused of grand theft, marijuana possession, and filing a false police report. In the courtroom, hearing everyone was surprised to see her sporting a very casual fit. She wore a plain vest top, skinny jeans, a long pastel cardigan, and also flip-flops to finish her looks. In true bhad bhabie style, she went for a look that said I don’t give a damn.


5. Cardie B.

Cardie B courtroom fits

Rapper and personality cardi b. went to court in 2019 for charges of associated assault and reckless endangerment. But despite these extreme accusations, cardi was not about to go down without a fight. She clapped back by wearing one of the most insane court outfits we have ever seen. Cardi adorned her simple black and white suit with a huge fluffy black feathered hat and cape ensemble. The look was giving a serious black swan vibe and we just know that all eyes were on a cardi in that courtroom.


4. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp courtroom fits

This year Depp has been to court too many times to count, but this was only good news for his fans as they were spoiled for his choice from the platter of outfits that their favorite pirate. Johnny can be seen wearing numerous classy suits and combos. Sometimes topping the look off with a pair of circular sunglasses. in most cases, Depp has his shoulder-length hair tied back in a neat ponytail. Some are calling this a tactile move on his part to appear more put together for the jury. The outfit choice is being held as iconic and they already enhance his already stylized persona.


3. Lindsay Lohan

Child star Lindsay Lohan was Disney’s sweetheart having starred in blockbusters such as the parent trap and Freaky Friday. But the star ran into trouble with the law in 2011when she was charged with drunk driving, drug use, and the theft of a necklace. Lohan famously kept it simple with a little white dress complete with black heels and blackout sunglasses. This outfit brought a lot of attention to the star, As fans wondered why she chose such huge sunglasses to wear indoors. Perhaps to cover up her reactions at the hearing.


2. Amber Heard

Actress Amber heard made her break in 2018 when she starred alongside Jason Mamoa in Aquaman. Since then scandal has followed the actress at every turn. She has been everywhere on our screens and unless you have been living under a rock you have most definitely heard of the Amber versus Johnny defamation case. The case ran for over two months and in that time amber donned numerous unforgettable outfits. Her more sleek and chic suit was complete with a thin bowtie buttoned up. The look was adored by her fans everywhere.


1. Kim Kardashian

Of course number one to the queen of celebrity scandals and paparazzi pic. Kim has been to court for each of her divorces as well as testifying in a jewelry heist case where she had 10 million dollars of jewelry stolen from her hotel room. But the most iconic courtroom look from Kim is the time she wore an oversized trench dress in black and over-the-knees snakeskin boots to the case of the heist. Details are so important to Kim and instead of rocking shades like some of the other choices. She decided to accessories with a simple lip ring. This look will go down in history as one of the most iconic and notable courtroom looks of all time.

By Priya Grover

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